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Granite, Graves, and the Grace Required to Grow 3/3

The only thing that separates any of us from being the walking wounded turned walking wounders? Grace. Grace alone. 

Granite, Graves, and the Grace Required to Grieve 2/3

It wasn't until high school or college that I became aware of some of the complex layers and dynamics. I much preferred the obliviousness of childhood.

Granite, Graves, and the Grace Required to Grieve I/3

What do you say when the only true things are hard things and the things that would best be said, are not true?

Last Place Winners

Do you know why the Bible says, "My flesh and heart may fail... BUT God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever?"

The Ancient God of Current Events

Did you wonder if the God of the Bible could still captivate, activate and change the whole world at once? You should not be wondering now.

“Millstones! Get Your Millstones!”

Friends, the clearest and best indicator of the judgement awaiting us is our utter inability to value life or protect children. Millstones! Get your Millstones!

A Holy Hard Pass

Why do we allow ourselves to assume the postures and positions of the guilty or condemned when such a precious price has been paid to make us free? Be done. Gonna be a hard pass here.

Boomers, Groomers, and a Little Perspective on Purity Culture

Beware the progressive voice condemning yesterday's "purity culture," if that same voice is condoning today's radical transgender culture.

Salty Squares to Share


Greetings, from Planet Texas!

I am Sara Johnson, aka Salty Lady... I/Am/Her   #weddisexual #husbisexual (Super into the man I married.)

My husband, Andy, and I have served in churches for almost 20 years together. We have 2 teens and 3 dogs.

I was a prodigal and am the product of a good God and praying parents.  I have been sober 21 years, serving God for 20 and salty, in one form or the other, my whole life. I've done time with the cradles and the choir, missions and middle school, seniors and saints... and I love the Body of Christ, cankles and all. 

Hey Salty Lady exists to bring clarity, common sense, and a Christian worldview to cultural, political, and evangelical issues. Polity, the pulpit, and all God's sheeple are indelibly linked for better or worse. So be wise we must, to walk humbly and just in a world that grows weary in waiting.

Bear up, Buttercup. There may indeed be dark days ahead, but you were made for them. Be bold. Be brave. Our guy wins.

Shalom Y'all!


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