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Happy “Full-On Rebellion and Boast in Identity Apart From Christ” Month!

Happy “Full-On Rebellion and Boast in Identity, Right, and Privilege Apart from Christ” Month!! I'm sure the God who is righteously jealous of worship and lovingly generous with His Name and inheritance just loves it. 

Hearth & Hand, and Hell in a Handbasket on Aisle 9: A Christian’s Brand in a Corrupted Culture

Wouldn't it send a strong message if Target had to face the consequences of its duplicity with their brand partners? If only there was an established, Bible-believing, God-honoring, Target brand who could object to this trash... oh wait, there is...

Martha Stewart’s Very Revealing Swimsuit

I did not have "Address 81 year-old on Sports Illustrated Cover," on my Biblical Worldview Bingo card for 2023. But here we are.

Strike Three! LA’s Baseball Team Dodges Wisdom

Everybody ready for June and what I'm sure will be a delightful Pride Month? Everybody have their Berean helmet handy to test everything against His Word? Fantastic.

Drugs are Still Bad. Who Knew?

Apparently, the healthy and harmonious utopia promised by unrestricted, unprohibited, and encouraged drug use never materialized.

Judas Priest… and the Other Killers of Jesus

There, there. Settle. This works, trust me. Let me explain...

Judas Priest… and other Killers of Jesus Pt. 2

Remember, Judas was there for every miracle, every sermon and every prayer. How could he have seen what he saw, and not fully believed?

Judas Priest… And the Other Killers of Jesus Pt. 3

Ever been in a situation where doing what seemed like the "right" thing was directly disobedient to what God had called you to do?

Salty Squares to Share


Greetings, from Planet Texas!

I am Sara Johnson, aka Salty Lady... I/Am/Her   #weddisexual #husbisexual (Super into the man I married.)

My husband, Andy, and I have served in churches for almost 20 years together. We have 2 teens and 3 dogs.

I was a prodigal and am the product of a good God and praying parents.  I have been sober 21 years, serving God for 20 and salty, in one form or the other, my whole life. I've done time with the cradles and the choir, missions and middle school, seniors and saints... and I love the Body of Christ, cankles and all. 

Hey Salty Lady exists to bring clarity, common sense, and a Christian worldview to cultural, political, and evangelical issues. Polity, the pulpit, and all God's sheeple are indelibly linked for better or worse. So be wise we must, to walk humbly and just in a world that grows weary in waiting.

Bear up, Buttercup. There may indeed be dark days ahead, but you were made for them. Be bold. Be brave. Our guy wins.

Shalom Y'all!


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