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HSL Better Than Stuff Series: Give the Gift of Encouragement

This is the season of grand loving gestures and unreciprocated generosity!! (Just ask Jesus.)

Why Abortion Isn’t Driving Voters to the Polls… (or Pools)

Grab the vapors and recline if you need to but do let it wash over you, we have actually identified the cause of pregnancy.

Bless the Patriarchy

The idea that patriarchy is inherently bad and must be leveled is a lie from the enemy, intended to destabilize society, deconstruct the family and diminish men.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall… Libs of TikTok is Exposing All

No entrapment or coercion, just curating the liberal lunacy of the left. Brilliant. Now it's still basically the same but with security and attorneys.
Halloween, October, fear

The HSL Guide to Halloween II

You, Believer, can equip others with hope and courage in the form of answers, truth, and scripts that can encourage today and empower tomorrow, whatever battle tomorrow brings. 

Your Friendly Neighborhood Extremist

As for the elephants in the room? There is simply no need for moderate Republicans anymore. There is no such thing as a moderate Democrat to reach across the aisle towards.

The Abolition of Absolution

We are the generation dictators desired, without values enough to resist, without history enough to defend, without truth enough to reason... without conscience.
Halloween, October, fear

The HSL Guide to Halloween: No Fear Here

What to do with Halloween? Does your house go big or go dark? I'm not a fan of Halloween but something scares me even more. Missed opportunities while my kids are still at home.

Greetings, from Planet Texas!

I am Sara Johnson, aka Salty Lady... I/Am/Her   #weddisexual #husbisexual (Super into the man I married.)

My husband, Andy, and I have served in churches for almost 20 years together. We have 2 teens and 3 dogs.

I was a prodigal and am the product of a good God and praying parents.  I have been sober 21 years, serving God for 20 and salty, in one form or the other, my whole life. I've done time with the cradles and the choir, missions and middle school, seniors and saints... and I love the Body of Christ, cankles and all. 

Hey Salty Lady exists to bring clarity, common sense, and a Christian worldview to cultural, political, and evangelical issues. Polity, the pulpit, and all God's sheeple--are indelibly linked for better or worse. Be wise we must, to walk humbly and just in a world that grows weary in waiting.

Bear up, Buttercup. There may indeed be dark days ahead, but you were made for them. Be bold. Be brave. Our guy wins.

Shalom Y'all!


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