Mirror, Mirror On the Wall… Libs of TikTok is Exposing All

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Libs of TikTok is exposing all… and being censored for it.


If you haven’t heard of Libs of TikTok yet, you may not get the chance to ever. At least not if Facebook and Twitter get their way. Libs of TikTok is a conservative news and media website, run by one woman but drawing millions of followers, that has a simple and singular purpose: expose the craziness people gladly, willingly, and proudly share on TikTok.


Libs of TikTok began in April 2021, sharing already posted TikTok videos that exposed some fairly extreme ideology and behavior. In the short time since, it has brought white hot light to social issues in education and medicine. Specifically, they’ve exposed the radical takeover of schools, sex, and science by a pernicious, persistent, and perverse depravity.


You’d think it would have required stealth, moles, infiltration, or guerilla journalism. You’d be wrong. Deeper? Like psy-ops, LSD laced M95 masks, or those skin masks that go over your real face like in Mission Impossible. Nah man… this is the best business model ever. Zero overhead. Minimal staffing. Check it– Crazy people do crazy things, then admit to crazy things, while recording themselves, and then they share it to a public platform. Libs of TikTok, until recently could simply open their email, check their messages, and reshare. Voila! No entrapment or coercion, no dubbing with outlandish scripts, or deceptive editing– just curating the liberal lunacy of the left. Brilliant. Now it’s still basically the same but with security, attorneys, and as much scorn as the cake baker in CO.


It was such a good working relationship, until the libs saying the quiet part out loud, realized they were in fact… out loud. As shocking as it is, I think there was a time when they felt the weeping over microaggressions, the declarations of inappropriate interactions with students, interference with parental rights, and subversive curriculum slips were assumed to be received as both noble and Nobel worthy. Little by little, a poke here and a piercing there, and holes were punched into their bubble of smug, self-congratulatory, self-righteous, condescending, proselytizing soup.


You mean not everyone agrees, affirms, or appreciates my high art of educational or cinematic hysterics?! Nah. They don’t.

You mean not everyone wants me to engage their child in conversations about sexuality? Nope. Not ever. Not at any age. Still inappropriate.

Not everyone wants me to open their child’s eyes to their own complicity in sin that happened hundreds of years ago? Yeah… you might check with the others but that’s still gonna be a no for me.

Talk about sheltered. There’s a whole world outside of major cities where people still get married, wanna have healthy sane children, contribute to society, have traditional values and live peaceful productive lives. It’s a thing. I know we don’t get much play on TV, but we aren’t extinct yet either. We value quality charcuterie boards, common sense, and level playing fields but not dumb games… like men competing against female swimmers, fighters, and runners. Trust me, we aren’t the ones that are scary.


As Libs of TikTok revealed or at least cataloged what was happening in our classrooms and exam rooms, the meds wore off and full-on frontal assault of their privacy, freedom, and safety was launched. And not just by random galaxy haired reading teachers, by big tech, by mainstream media, by elected officials. Threats, bans, fines, doxxing, and the kitchen sink were thrown at an individual, private, citizen. The high crime? Reflecting the world rightly.


We are the worst kind of vain. We love the way we look but only from a certain angle, with a certain filter, and soundtrack. We can’t help but record ourselves and our terribly important thoughts, to share– as the world would be so lost without them. But you playing it back to me and forcing me to see myself through the eyes of others? Or confronting me with the reality of anything less than absolute affirmation? Total hysterics. Tantrummy meltdowns. Threats of violence. There’s a life skill and conversation to be had here about authenticity and honesty. But I don’t think we are mature enough to have it.

I feel silly telling you this friend, but if it makes you feel bad when people say you do bad things… don’t do bad things. Or… don’t feel bad. You get free speech, we get free speech and all move on. But you don’t get to be left alone to continue doing all the bad things. That’s now how life works, kid.


As for the response from media and tech, we should all be frightened. At first, people just denied that what was being shared was real. “It’s all made-up scare tactics, to harm vulnerable children and those trying to help them. It’s just social transitioning… it’s gender affirming, it’s support care… None of it’s true, we are being targeted!”


Until WPATH updated their guidelines on age restrictions. Until videos from hospitals started showing the reality of their fully funded, fully operational chop shops… and crude as that sounds it’s absolutely true. A whole is brought in and relieved of parts and pieces for money. Taken not off of an Infinity or Honda, but off of tired, scared, and confused, children. Absolute wickedness. You’d think vanquishing that kind of evil would be the priority of the grown-ups in the room. Not so much. But vanquishing those exposing it? Definitely. Money will be spent and at some point, laws will be offered up to silence, not the abusers, but the ones reporting it.


Mirror, mirror on the wall… who’s the most dangerous, unflattering, and factual mirror of all? Easy. Libs of TikTok.


  1. Deanna on October 14, 2022 at 4:06 PM

    WOW! It’s hard for me to comprehend the evil in someone’s heart to abuse children in any form but to lead them to the slaughter of their bodies, minds, emotions, spirit etc is unfathomable!

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