When There is No Vision, the People Perish…and Worse

Fairly straightforward right? When there is no vision the people perish. We usually see and hear this in the context of leadership development, team building, and plan-making. Perfectly fine. Perfectly true. But there are worse things than having a bad idea that succeeds or a poor plan that fails.


In the absence of vision— forward-thinking, future factoring, righteous and good guidance—nations can crumble, the people enslaved, and generations lost. In the absence of vision, things can deteriorate to the point that “to perish” would be a welcomed reprieve.


We are there. This is the cusp we are on as a party, as a people. We have no vision. We have lost the goal and thus tire ourselves running in wrong directions only to win nothing.


The House will eventually elect a speaker. But my main concern about the House and the whole GOP, has less to do with an empty seat and more to do with a lack of guiding principles.


If this process has revealed anything for the GOP, it is that there are greater numbers than we realized of people who are self-serving, grudge-holding, and entrenched in the establishment. WE ARE NOT ALL ON THE SAME TEAM.


The “Uniparty” is no more a myth than the deep state. Both are alive and well.


How could a body of “like-minded” individuals who profess some semblance of sanity look at our present circumstances and not see the critical position we are in, within our nation and within the world? And I’m not talking about just one side, the conservatives vs the moderates—I mean “all y’all.” How in the world could you justify going home for the weekend? How could you not see the need to seize the opportunity quickly to establish yourselves as wiser and better? What a bold contrast you could have been and still could be.


What a remarkably easier time to be the better man and party! I mean the standard for democratic good now includes transgender madness, Hamas heroes, in-country terror cells, rampant homelessness, the death of middle-America, and trending economic collapse. You don’t have to do a whole heck of a lot to be winners here, my fellow GOP’ers and GOP’ish.


But you do gotta do SOMETHING.


We need knights on white-horses. Strike that. No white supremacists here. We need knights on any color horses, any kind of chariots, my word—come by boat, train, or broke-down burro, on camel or elephants like Hannibal or Hadrian.


But get here. AND GET TO WORK. The base has now seen who is who and what is what. We have seen temporal toddlering and tantrumming. Now show us the adults in the room.


Someone, for the love goodness and normalcy, form a coalition and start putting together bold plans, and bigger vision. Get your messaging on-point and in-mouth.


“We are willing to wrestle within, address what is not working or measuring up, and risk foolishness…but we are unwilling to continue as we have, going along to get along. Within our party or with any other party. We must change direction, and not by degrees.”


There is still opportunity for greatness. There is also still opportunity to perish. But the days of respect for those who maintain and manage our nation’s decline are over. I am fairly sane and civilized, but I find myself increasingly hostile to those who have banked off of our current shameful state and are willing to risk the futures of the next generation to maintain their own clout, comfort, or convenience. Done. With. That. Hoorah.

—Your friendly neighborhood extremist and Salty Citizen

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