Why Abortion Isn’t Driving Voters to the Polls… (or Pools)

Just for fun can we acknowledge and discuss why abortion is NOT the major motivator and ballot issue Dems were hoping it would be? I know reality and logic aren’t near as fun or glammy as our feelings and perceptions, so we don’t have to deep dive on this. But we should at least dip our toes in.


Abortion is not at the top of the ballot because other pressing issues have revealed what we always knew to be true but were monsters for pointing out… there are other ways to prevent having unwanted pregnancies. Yep. Facts. It’s shocking to many of you, I know. Grab the vapors and recline if you need to but do let it wash over you, we have actually identified the cause of pregnancy. It’s SEX. Not dinners, or drinks, or hot tubs. Sex. And once identified, can be avoided.


For the last 30 years but the last ten especially, a wicked culture, media, and political party have banged the drum for abortion as being absolutely necessary. Because it is obviously the only form of family planning. They have acted like you were taking away the right and ability to breathe. Women demonstrating in the streets with blood spattered outfits, simulating abortions on the steps of SCOTUS, handmaidens in red cloaks weeping hysterically that their bodies are being controlled by men, suicidal even at the thought of their right to abortion without apology, on demand, and at any time being curtailed for any reason. I’m so sorry, friends. I appreciate the theatrics and passion for sure. But somebody should have told you the truth.


Gas goes up, groceries go up… and sure enough people realize there are things you can’t control–like poor economic policies of the government and inflation. And things you actually can control–like practicing safe sex or abstaining until you are ready to have children.


Whaaaat?! You mean abortion wasn’t the only way to avoid having a family before I was ready?! Yeah. I do. Everybody knows it. Everybody has always known it. Yet we behave like tantrumming children who can’t possibly exercise self-control. This is not new science, folks. We’ve always had bodily autonomy. In fact, it’s ironic that we keep demanding bodily autonomy when we’re not doing a great job of exercising it to begin with.


And don’t @ me on health of the mother and rape/incest. There’s an inconvenient reality there too that we ignore. And that is the percentage of abortions that were for any other reason than “elective” is shamefully, horrifyingly small compared to the total.


These were the numbers the last time I argued with someone about abortion statistics, so the numbers may have changed slightly. But the trajectory still holds. If the only abortions in the US were for cases of rape/incest or due to catastrophic abnormality or health of the mother, from 1973 until 2019… 6,000 babies would have been aborted. Nationwide. We have aborted over 60,000,000. We left safe, rare, and necessary behind 59,994,000 lives ago. #shoutmyabortionstatistics


See how welcoming and warm the waters of reality are?! Let’s all swim! What’s that? You’re afraid you’ll drown? You think the only way to save yourself is to drown someone else? Odd. Nah, that’s not how it works. You can wear a life vest. You can wear floaties. Or stay in the shallow end. Or not swim at all. Or stay out tha pool altogether? #letfreedompoolrings #avoidthebabypool

See how that works? See how fun common sense is?


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