A Holy Hard Pass

Man and systems of man were never intended to rule our hearts and minds. Why do we let them? Why do we allow ourselves to assume the postures and positions of the guilty or condemned when such a precious price has been paid to make us free? Be done. You can take a hard pass on every unhealthy plate the world passes your way. You can choose to walk in peace and refuse to walk in chaos. Seriously.

I’ll go first.


I’m done apologizing for nothing. Insincerity is not Biblical.


I’m done accepting total distortions of reality. There is good and evil. And we will absolutely be judged by an absolutely just and merciful Judge… who will not be mocked. This IS REAL and not up for interpretation.


I’m done being made to pretend that what is not normal at all—is normal. Pretending man’s vice should be valued to avoid offending others is also… not Biblical and IS hateful.


I’m done being preached to about the Bible I know—by people who don’t know it or believe it. “I’m sorry you’re wrong,” actually is an appropriate response to someone who is… wrong.


I’m done being told what I should believe about Jesus —by people who reject and hate Him. I need no one else’s agreement, affirmation, or encouragement to follow THE RISEN LORD rightly.


I’m done being told what is true—by people who reject absolute truth while living by their own absolutes. Convincing a fool of their foolishness is unnecessary foolishness. I have already won, no debate needed.


I’m done having my faith represented—by people who question their own. Deconstruction is its own gnostic religion. It’s a word to make apostasy seem wise and special. It’s brilliant and evil marketing by the devil.


I’m done being told what is moral—by the godless and vile. I will not respond to wickedness with compassion when Christ Himself felt millstones were appropriate.


I’m done being told what’s best for me—by people who don’t know or value me. My value has been determined by God, my price has been paid by Christ, and will be lived out in Spirit. My allegiance is His.


I’m done having my healthy family criticized—by dysfunctional people, celebrities, and politicians. You are only an “influencer” to those desiring your influence. I do not. I’m good. Thanks though! God has determined how I should parent and no one else. It looks a lot like disciple making. A lot.


I’m done being treated as a peasant—by elites who think they are better and know better, but are unwise, unloving, and so insulated from reality. Lol first is last, baby! Blessed are the poor and meek.


I’m done having condemnation and guilt placed upon me simply for being born and continuing to exist as God made me. Apologizing for my skin, sex, or where God has placed me in time and history is prideful and assumes error on the part of a Sovereign God and His perfect ways.


I’m done with people who are not good and don’t do good—deciding what is good. The Lord alone deems what is good. He does not need a majority; He is not weighing our suggestions.

See how easy and freeing it is to have just one Master?!


My circumstances may not change one iota, but I’m telling you what —the Word of God alone will reign in me, the Peace of God alone will comfort me the joy of the Lord alone is my delight. It’s not a friends winning or approval garnering strategy, I know. But it is the only way to be truly free in a heavy and fallen world.


Don’t misunderstand. As a “follower,” HIS way must be my way. I can only go towards Him. This is the Road of Peace and I pray you walk it with me, but I won’t change directions—even if I walk alone. This IS love. This is obedience. Even if the world rejects it, condemns it, or calls it mean or unkind.


Pray for us. The Hey Salty Lady Show podcast is in production and recording! This is our business model. We can’t wait to share it with you!

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