Be a Better Disciple Maker with These Three Words

Want a fast, easy way to be a better apologist and disciple maker?

Use correct and exact wording.

Unless you are talking about your belief in Jesus Christ as Lord, what “you believe” about Scripture is of little consequence. For instance, “I believe the Bible says…” should not precede any defense of Scripture. Either the Bible says it, or it doesn’t. Or you aren’t sure. What we think about it, isn’t as important as we have been led to believe.

But friend, if the Bible DOES say it, God’s Word commands it. Making “God’s Word commands…” better in communication and the very best in application. After all, Scripture is way more “DO THIS…” and way less “CONSIDER doing this.”


I believe we should love others.

God’s Word commands we love others.

See the difference?

Do you see how “God’s Word commands…” packs more power (as it should?!) This better word choice also sends a clear message about God’s authority and your obedient response to it. A minor adjustment that will teach even before the greater lesson begins! It seems like a small difference in letters or words, but it’s a significant difference in reality. Especially, to those watching and listening. Especially, to little ones. When you are telling them why we do this or don’t do that, pull out the big guns!! It’s not just “what we do” or “because I said so.” Are your homes and habits full of empty traditions or intentional efforts to obey? Then say so!


Why do we go to gather with other Believers? Because God ‘s Word commands it.

Why do we forgive? Because God’s Word commands it.

Whether you are discipling a child, adult, neighbor, or friend… if you are hoping to convince someone that God should be in authority over their life, then they need to see that God is in authority over your life. And then, bonus of all bonuses! Maybe they ask why God commands what He does? Well, hellooo, even better conversation about goodness and glory!


Friend, today of all days requires clarity and consistency. In a world that redefines every good thing, making it lesser and reforms every holy thing into twisted towers of idolatry… use correct terms and exact language. God is not wishy washy. We shouldn’t be either.

Do you believe we should tell others about Jesus?

Or does God’s Word command we proclaim the Gospel and make disciples?

Is this a suggestion or a necessary component of Christian living?

Is consideration or obedience what God desires from His children?

When you command your child clean their room and they do not because they assume it was merely a suggestion… I believe they will be grounded. Yes?


Our convictions DO NOT change when rooted in unchanging Scripture.

But, anchored in what you “what you believe” about “what you think the Bible says?” Prepare to be tossed about by a culture where WANT rules.

“I believe homosexuality is wrong.” You’re wrong, you don’t get to decide… who are you to judge, you’re not perfect… and on and on until we are silent.

“God’s Word says homosexuality is wrong.” You’re wrong, you don’t get to decide… who are you to judge, you’re not perfect…  “It’s not my opinion. I didn’t decide, God did. God can judge between right and wrong. He has, He does… and He loves us still.” Our own authority and morality are shifting sands. His law and love are not.


Do a search of the word “command(s)” in the Bible to see just how great our God is and all that HE COMMANDS. It’s not just wind and waves, baby!

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