Drugs are Still Bad. Who Knew?

Residents are rethinking their vote to decriminalize hard drugs including fentanyl, heroin, and meth after crime rates, overdoses, and homeless numbers continue to rise. –Sandy Fitzgerald


This week saw an interesting survey come out of Oregon. 63% in Oregon want drugs criminalized again. You don’t say. This revelation and HUGE reversal took a mere 3 years from the compassionate and humane, “free to be me, free to do speed” Measure 110 in 2020.

Apparently, the healthy and harmonious utopia promised by unrestricted, unprohibited, and encouraged drug use never materialized. Someone should tell California’s legislators before it’s too late. (It’s too late.)


We didn’t realize we were signing up for the deterioration of civilized norms and the public spaces being ceded to addiction and criminal activity… said one resident.


Here’s the thing about sin. You can ignore it, you can rename it, you can eliminate legal consequences…But YOU CANNOT ELIMINATE THE EFFECTS OF SIN ON SOCIETY.

It will always bear fruit. And the fruit will always be bad.


The same has happened with the elimination of laws prohibiting theft and shoplifting. Many liberal cities have made theft up to $700 a non-offense— don’t call the police, they won’t be charged, there will be no penalty. Simply step aside and watch the crime (and revenue) dissipate. Humph.

“If it’s not a crime they won’t do it,” or “it’s not harmful enough to warrant action.”

Both are just absurd schools of thought. What exactly is the standard for harmful? Is it harmful when the most vulnerable are left unprotected in the most dangerous cities, as those that can move do move? Is it harmful when children see their schoolyards and neighborhoods handed over in decline and defeat? Is it harmful when those needing the most intervention and help get the least, because according to “new standards” they are actually thriving?

Has anyone asked their families how they feel about having family members who are “doing so well” in this to each their own paradise?


Strangely, the removal of consequences… made them steal more. Shocker.

Strangely, the criminals are not subtotaling their loot before leaving to make sure it’s under the HUGE amount of $700. They are actually stealing exceedingly more now and way more than the arbitrary $700 amount which determines if it was a crime. Do you know how stupid that sounds? And how confusing that is to young people? Stealing is only a crime at a certain dollar amount? But under that amount… it’s what?! Permanently borrowing? Transferring ownership without consent? Being Shanghai’d?


Wanna know how kids grow up with loosey goosey standards? They are given loosey-goosey expectations. Shame on us. We are encouraging them to be criminals. Millstones.

Major corporations can no longer afford to keep their stores in such cities and states open. The loss from theft and the liability for endangering employees, who work in environments that essentially invite crime, is no longer sustainable. And just fluff stores that were superfluous to begin with. Pharmacies. Grocery stores. Urgent care centers. Not to mention the absolute annihilation of any kind of small business opportunity or entrepreneurial environment. Poof! Gone. Puff, puff. Good.


There is a reason God gives clear instructions for what is morally good and beneficial for a society. It is so that we can have a morally good and beneficial society. There is a reason God gave the law. He knew we were sinners and apart from the law would never recognize our own depravity or need for salvation and sanctification.


When we reject God, we reject God’s law. And whether we realize it or not, we reject good. We reject safe. We reject healthy and happy. Those things simply do not exist apart from His law. Making room for sin, never makes society better. It always makes it worse. Sin ruins. Period.


Erasing laws or decriminalizing crime, does not end sin. The sin is most definitely still present within us. As the Holy Spirit restrains and governs the Believer, the law restrains and governs the lost. Without the law, the lost become lawless. It’s not rocket science. This is the cycle of man and sin, from the Garden on. We are sinners.

Decriminalizing crime is an ideology that will destroy man and society. Gosh, that sounds like something that only the devil would want. Yeah, how about that? Only the wicked would advocate these things.

Friend, they can change the language, change the definitions, legalize or celebrate all manner of things.

But if God says it is sin… it will still leave you addicted, ashamed, vandalized, victimized, and broke. Whether it is behind bars or in unseen chains of bondage. BE FREE.

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