Faith That Breaks a Sweat

Faith that withstands a hostile culture does not happen by accident. It is not a wild shoot that thrives on its own.

It is cultivated, trained, prepared, and tended to.

It is not blindsided by circumstances or suffering.

It is not overwhelmed by continuous testing.

It is not discouraged by roads walked alone, nor bitter about the crowds not gathered to cheer it on.

This faith is humble and draws strength from the Body.

It seeks wise counsel and yields to it.

It is armed with the right weapons for the right battles.

It seeks to see things rightly and honestly.

It has seen things to come and planned for them.

It is ready for wounds, weariness, and weakness.

It is focused. It is determined.  It knows the goal.


This kind of enduring faith rises up every day. On hard days. On days after victory and on days after defeat. This kind of faith is  up and offering thanks either way.

The culture is hostile. The enemy is relentless.


And the faith required to overcome will not be found in the cracks of your couch on Sunday morning, like a cast off coin or random thing that used to have value but has long since been forgotten.


The world is more– more confused, more lost, more wicked. It will not be overcome by a faith that is less.

Rest assured, our side wins but not because our opponent forfeits or no-shows. It will be a brawler to the end.

Wake up. Show up. Pray up. Study up. The world needs warriors and He drafted you.


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