Fear Is Not a Virtue.

Fear IS NOT a virtue.
Quit boasting in it.
“I’m trembling…” “It gives me chills…” “This is trauma…”
We have adopted the language of fear over things we should NOT fear.
Words. Ideas. Man. Possibilities.
We have so childishly elevated these things to such undue and undeserved heights… and then we boast in it. We boast in our immaturity. We boast in our inability to see rightly. We boast in our cowardice… when we boast in our fear.
Believer. You are a child of the Most High God. Pride in being so greatly affected, by so very little… has no place in your heart, mind or mouth.
Fear is not your native tongue.
When God is great, your fear is not.
It’s that simple. And, His greatness IS. That’s already decided, declared and demonstrated. Why would you not walk in, what most definitely IS TRUE?
Fear the Lord. Period. Boast in His great care. Boast in His Great Name. Boast in His great works. Boast in nothing else.
Fear is not a virtue. Not for you.