Homophones and Homophobes

This PRIDE Month has already surpassed last year’s both in opportunities to sincerely engage those in the LGBTQ community and to be “encouraged” by some in the same community.

I received a very frank message from one reader who had some interesting thoughts about a few Hey Salty Pride Month posts.


The message contained a most interesting closing, “Wishing All Homophones a Super Uncomfortable Month.”


Dang autocorrect. I bet they were kicking themselves if they reread it. Autocorrect is a formidable enemy and has robbed me of glory as well. It spares know one.


But the amusing typo aside, the sentiment was expressed quite clearly. He who questions, hates. Or fears, anyway.


Imagine the amount of insecurity and fragility about your own choices and convictions that requires you to deem everyone who doesn’t care, doesn’t share, doesn’t celebrate… or outright disagrees with you—as hateful and fearful.


Hey Believer—this is the sinking sand ewe have been cautioned against—a footing so unsure and uncertain you cannot stand unless an army gathers round.


Nuh uh. When you know the true Truth and the greatest Good News, the need for agreement, approval, or AFFIRMATION, goes right out the window. Watch this.


Hey Y’all!! I DO NOT need to be affirmed in something I KNOW TO BE TRUE AND RIGHT!! Isn’t that fun?!


You can call it confidence… I call it FAITH.


But the desperate need for affirmation reveals the presence of neither one.


How about that?

I do not need anyone on my hill except Jesus for me two choose to gladly die upon it.


The same person told me PRIDE wasn’t about “pride” it was only about equality. As though equality on its own is a worthy cause.


Wishing all homophobes a super uncomfortable Pride Month? What do think?


Does this sentiment give you “I just want to be equal” vibes? Or “I will confront you with my reality until it’s your reality” vibes?


Really think about this. This is no movement or mere moment.

It’s organized, legitimized, energized, and overwhelming. It has its own month for crying out loud.


This is a principality.
It conquers. It does not coexist.
There is no neutral, remember?
Because ”silence” is violence.

You will allow.
You will accept.
You will agree.
You will adopt.
You will advocate.
You will ally.

This darkness couldn’t care less about people. Or equality. When there is no neutral, there is no equal. There is only authority.

God has it rightfully. The enemy seeks to steal it. This has been the story of sin in every age. Ours is no different.

We can be done pretending this is about equality, though. It’s about domination. In homes, schools, churches, every corner, and in every realm this false king intends to rain. And he delights over his temporary success.


You thought you were allies? Equals?
You’re subjects, baby.

Same as me.
But I know and chose to submit to my Good King.




  1. Victorious Child of God on July 4, 2023 at 2:24 PM

    So True and thanks for speaking God’s Truth in Love not matter what happens with unkind comments being posted.

  2. Your friend in Jerusalem on June 4, 2024 at 2:48 PM

    I know you don’t need the affirmation, my friend, but still, thank you! Thank you for always standing for truth and not backing down, even when it gets “super uncomfortable”.

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