“Judge Not” Does Not Mean “Have No Discernment.”

It’s a thing. You can make observations, valuations… wait for it… differentiations (isn’t vocabulary fun?!) WITHOUT BEING GUILTY OF CONDEMNATION. What a multitasker you are! You go!

You can even compare words, thoughts, and actions to God’s Word… recognize when they do not match… and choose to avoid those lesser things. Without throwing the first stone or stoning a sinful woman.


And if you are feeling so bold and brave (or just plain obedient to God’s commands) you can go to a brother or sister in sin. And in grief and love, speak truth, encourage repentance, offer to walk in obedience with them, remind them of God’s goodness, forgiveness, and love. And it’s actually good for the Body. I know, right?!


“Judge not…” is often said by people who reject the authority of God’s Word to people who submit to the authority of God’s Word to silence any objection to sin or make discernment and wisdom taboo. And it has worked brilliantly.


Judge not–does not mean ignore sin or be foolish. So, stop… ignoring sin and being foolish.


“My God, don’t let anyone address sin! Someone might repent and be free from it!!! Or find out they can be saved from it! Noooo….” –The Devil


How easily Satan has robbed us and others from that glorious process by making us feel bad, mean, or judgey. OR FRAGILE. The jerk.

How many captives still sit in chains today while the Church boasts of its ability to remain silent and avoid judgment?

You will not melt if the Holy Spirit convicts you of sin. Nor will others. Repent. Move on. Walk in freedom and forgiveness. Done.


  1. Tony D’Orazio on February 28, 2023 at 1:54 PM

    Hey Salty Lady, new reader here, this is a great article and thought. Would like to see you use this in a specific example of some topic going on right now in our culture. Take abortion for example, what would a conversation look like that was not judge mental, but true to our beliefs? Say in a social or even family setting. Thanks much!

    • sbhuggy110578 on February 28, 2023 at 4:07 PM

      Hey, Welcome! That is an excellent idea! The Hey Salty Lady podcast starts recording this very week and yours will be our first question from the mailbag! I will make sure to notify when the episode comes out. Thank you!

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