Kingdom Breadlines and the Panhandling Poor

God cares deeply about suffering. But He is not at all amused with slander.

And that is what we do when we call ourselves His own and then act like our Good Father offers nothing for His children.


Chew on that a minute.


Your child wanders the streets in grief and hunger, worry and weariness… everyone thinking “Poor dear, he’s got no parents to provide for him.”

While you are at home with a stocked pantry, food on plates, and warm beds… willing to gladly provide all your children could want or need. I’d be livid. What must the neighbors think?!


One time a student told me their mom wouldn’t give them food for lunch because they were in trouble. I followed up with the parent, whom I knew well, only to find that mom had indeed made the lunch, set it out on the counter, and the child forgot it. Mama just wasn’t bringing it… again this week.


Do you see how there’s a difference between “Mom won’t feed me,” and “Mom provided it, prepared it, offered it… but I had to remember it, receive it, and choose to take it—and I did not.”


Slander. One statement ruins a reputation, and the other assumes responsibility.

Kid, your God… your Good Father?



He has withheld nothing from us, undeserving as we are, including His Son for our salvation. Simmer, simmer… this is not about poverty or neglecting the hungry. This is about Jehovah Jireh and His children… who sometimes act like orphans.


We do not need as the world does.

We do not want as the world does.

We do not hunger and thirst as the world does. We have daily bread and fountains that don’t run dry. Ever. There are no breadlines in our King’s Kingdom. Earthly or eternal. You are a child of plenty who has no business being a beggar for worldly crumbs.


If I find I am dissatisfied with what He has provided, that tells me the expectations of my flesh are ruling my heart. Because He is only good and giving.


“I shall not want,” does not mean “I won’t have need.”

It means I am actively choosing to trust my God to provide, to see my needs and His provisions rightly, and REST IN THE WAITING. There is a little match girl somewhere, but if you’re reading this on a phone, sheltered from the warmth of winter… it ain’t you.


Are you spiritually hungry? His cupboards are full. He doesn’t forget to get stuff at the store. There’s no tomato paste rolling around in the backseat His cheer-wagon or man-van that didn’t make it in. Grab a fork, open the Book. Feed thyself, friend.


He has set a never-ending spiritual banquet before us and still, some will be hungry. Because not everyone will grab a plate.


How about it? In your trials, temptations, and lack… does your response point to a God who can be trusted or are you ruining His reputation with the slander of insecurity?


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