This is Worship Leading. Part II

This is the second of two posts on worship. Multiple perspectives on one moment. I took this photo of my husband, Andy Johnson, on his last Sunday at our church. After almost 5 years of faithful service, he would be leaving the next week to answer God’s call in another city and another church. With him in the picture are two of his best buddies, Sam and David– special needs adults from our church. This is my perspective on this moment. And not only was it worship, it was also worship leading.


In the background is a full orchestra rehearsing, with parts and click-tracks that still need to be perfected.

Behind the stage was a reception set up in Andy’s honor where people were gathering to wish him well.  People wandered in and out to shake hands, hug, and take last pictures.

But Andy was exactly where he wanted to be and needed to be, with two people that provide no ego strokes, no networking currency, no kingdom “capital” according to the world.


Worship is more than music. It is all that we are responding to all that HE is. It is giving the best of ourselves and our time to others, for His Name’s sake. Even on days when a little self-absorption would be understood.


Anybody can teach parts and pitches. Not everybody can lead in worship, when no strings are being strummed and no song is being sung. Anybody can sing. Some can even sing or play pretty well. But some worship and lead others in worship all day long. Some are vessels most content when poured out and empty. This is what that looks like.

Responding in kindness to those who offend… can be worship when done for His glory. Giving dignity and honor to those the world overlooks… can be worship when done for His glory. Choosing to remain in trials… can be worship when done for His glory. Worship requires no audience or applause, just a simple understanding of who He is and all that He has done and a heart that overflows with thanksgiving in light of it.



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