BBQ P’s and Q’s

Dead and heated meat is the love language of Texas and most of the south as well. So, I have compiled a list of helpful Barbecue (Parenting) Tips for you as a gesture of good will! You’re welcome! (To clarify, that is Barbecue/Parenting Tips, not tips on barbecuing parents.)

  • Always be sure you have someone to tend or guard the fire. The same source that can bring delight can cause destruction if left alone.
  • Know about the different types of fire. Each fire needs a different method of extinguishing based on fuel and function.
  • Don’t pour fuel on the fire. There are better ways to maintain or increase heat. Restraint is one of them.
  • Don’t rush. This is a process that is worth doing well.
  • There’s not an easy way to fake it. It’s either really good or really bad.
  • Don’t fear the smoke. It adds flavor. But don’t avoid clearing the air either.
  • Don’t overcrowd the grill. Just because you can fit it on there doesn’t mean it should all be on there.
  • Use a timer. Steps and stages have a start and end. Things get ruined when one step drags on too long…like adolescence.
  • Clean up while everything is still warm. Messes that have time to cool become bigger messes.
  • Practice makes perfect. Do the work. Enjoy the meal. Reflect on what worked and didn’t work. Then do it again.
  • Avoid a bitter bark.
  • Trim the fat. Too much of a good thing gets in the way and ruins the flavor and texture.
  • Let it breathe. Let it rest.
  • Keep the trash outside.