Lot’s Song

Encouraged today by the reality that God has overcome

time, history, evil, sin, life, death, and men.

And without effort or sweat—He can overcome me.


Not one of these things boasts a victory against My God.

No war was a draw, no man has left their mark.

Creation still functions according to His design,

we have not worn Him out or surpassed Him in any way.


No circumstance has crippled Him, no sin so great it had to be left unatoned.

And though the arrows of our enemy still fly,

all leave his hand defeated and return to his lowly pit not a throne.


It would be so arrogant of me to think that the God

who is this great, stands toe to toe with my weakness or sin,

and worries or won’t prevail.


Isn’t it the height of superiority, to think that my inferiority

can encounter the God who gives life to dust,

placed the stars, spins the universe, and parted seas,

that same God—Is Lord of ALL

but can do nothing with me?


Who am I that I cannot be moved or resist His inclination?

To think that I am beyond His use, beyond His skill,

or beyond His ability to redeem or recreate.


Praise God for this, if nothing else, in light of who He is

I’m just not that great.


How comforting to know that just as He conquered

all else and used it for His glory,

He is able to subdue every corner of me.


My pride, my doubts, my habits and hurts,

my flesh and all my failings;

the foolish things I do, the foolish things I say,

the lies I believe and am prone to tell;

Every need, every desire, every regret, or hope—

They ALL bow low to Him.


No sin original, not a one formidable,

none the best or worst He’ll ever see.

Though deeply flawed, I have no flaw

that exceeds His perfection, might, or ability.


I cannot undo what He says is done.

I cannot force Him to withdraw promises made.

I cannot argue against who He says I am and win.


There may be no medal given, no laude or “Congratulations!”

No crown placed on my head.

No celebrations for all the nothings I never achieved.

I may lose, lose, and lose some more,

a life marked by my own failures and inadequacies.

But if my righteous victory rests in His sovereign hand—


—The OG Salty Lady