This is Your Inheritance

“This is your inheritance!” This is one of my favorite things to say and one of my children’s least favorite things to hear because it’s usually accompanying something entirely unwanted.


Like boundaries, chores, or hard truths. I’m always half kidding and three quarters serious when I say it. I know they won’t be excited at whatever I’m offering but I also know they need it.


“Here put your laundry away, this is your inheritance.”


“Come help me do a menu and grocery list, this is your inheritance. You’re welcome.”


“You’re first car will be forty years old with squealing brakes to keep you humble. You guessed it, inheritance.”


We work at a church. The likelihood we will be able to pass on much more than spiritual riches and a wealth of wisdom to our children is slim already. But we actually can pass on wisdom, humility, compassion, good habits, etc. So, why in the world would we not want to start handing those appreciating gifts out now?


Let the kids enjoy their inheritance while we are still alive!

  • God had already provided land for the Danites. It required work for them to obtain and maintain but it was waiting for them and no one else.
  • The Lord provided boundaries for the Danites but they would not rest or settle in them.
  • The Lord provided an inheritance for the Danites but they would not do what was required to receive it.
  • They lacked diligence and obedience and because of that could not conquer their enemies or keep their inheritance.
  • Because they lost their inheritance the only thing passed down to children was conflict.

The Danites took the path of least resistance. Didn’t defeat their own enemies.


And their enemies lived to fight and conquer their children. Deal with sin, people.


Give your children the inheritance of having one less ancient enemy in their land.