7 Habits of Highly Humble People

What if the habits you are trying to maintain are the exact ones He intends to change?
If the Lord intended us to go on as we were… He would allow us to go on as we were. But, oh no sir! He obviously intends we be thoroughly changed.
Zero areas have been left in tact. Your relationships, your labor, your distractions, your hustle, your places, your people, your pace? Changed. My word, even your abilities to self-soothe or numb… have been made inconvenient. Every crutch you’ve ever leaned on, and shouldn’t have, has been taken away. Except one. Only the One who can remain, does.
The Lord is still near. The Lord is still open for business. All hours. He even delivers… wait for it. See what I did there?
Change has come, Happy Campers.
You can either participate or be passive in this process. I know from choosing both in the past, that one is far less painful.
1. See yourself rightly. Apart from Christ, you are dead in sin, separated from God, enemies of God.
2. See your need rightly. Apart from God’s grace, we are lawless, every thought is wicked, guilty of sin and condemned to death, unable to discern spiritual things.
3. See your power rightly. None are righteous, none are saved apart from the power of God.
4. See God rightly. He is the Creator, Father, Ruler, Giver and Judge of all.
5. See God’s provision rightly. Every good thing is from Him. He is Provider, Shepherd and King who withholds nothing given in love.
6. See God’s power rightly. He rules over the heavens and earth, and all created things. He has power over life and death, time, and space.
7. Respond in gratitude and obedience. See 1-6.
Shalom Y’all!
Wash your hands.