If Paul Saw the Church in America… We’d Get a Letter

Saw this float around recently. Let’s clarify a point. This is true indeed…


However— Even if we got a letter addressed to Church of America 2023, so what? Then what? Nothing. “If Paul could…?”


Friends—GOD DOES. God sees… God SAW. And it hasn’t been motivation enough, yet. God sees the church, every church in all the world and in every age, RIGHTLY. CHRIST SEES AND KNOWS HIS BRIDE WELL. We “know” this, but we don’t believe this. Or we would get it together.


A letter from Paul should be unnecessary to those who LIVE LIKE THE BIBLE IS TRUE. Especially the part where God knows EVERYTHING.


Fear Paul?? How ‘bout fear the Lord? I don’t know if you’ve read the end of the book, but we are about to get more than a letter.





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