True Love Waits… for Socialism and Climate Reform


Abstain from having children to save the world from climate change, or more recently because of the burden of capitalism…. but don’t abstain from having sex to save children from abortion?

This makes sense how?
They know what causes children, right? It does seem like they do. Though it doesn’t seem like they understand the connection between sex-children-abortion.

You understand that while this thinking gives you total right and authority—- it gives you zero credit for the ability to control yourself, apply logic, prioritize significant things, or exercise compassion and consistency.

You see that right?’
This specific theology tries to:

✔️convince you of your power but is counting on you being dim and a hypocrite. “I am both autonomous! And helpless!”
✔️ undermine the hope we have in Christ, who secures our future… and our finances.
✔️ undermine the trust we have in God’s Word which speaks clearly on God’s authority over earth and its fate.
✔️ negate Christ’s role as Savior, Sustainer and Provider and give that responsibility to man.
✔️ motivate through fear, which we are commanded not to do.
✔️ demands idolatry and worship of created things, while demanding idolatry through the destruction or erasure of life created in His image.

This is no different than worshipping the Sun god Ra and sacrificing children (by not having them) because you fear the Sun, instead of trusting the Son, or worshipping Dollar Almighty. You have chosen for yourself a superior god and it wasn’t G-O-D.

Be mad, wrestle with it, dismiss it… but it is exactly that. This IS fearing the world over our poor stewardship; and NOT fearing the judgement/discipline of the Creator of the world, over our disobedience.

Either HE controls wind and wave, money and market… or He doesn’t. Is Almighty God of the Bible, Lessmighty or just Alrighty God of today?

And as long as we are making friends, it’s the most temporal, “forward” thinking ever. The wisdom to recognize the future doom of climate change or economic burden, but not recognize the *current* doom of abortion and low birth rate? It’s the most foolish wisdom of all.
TODAY we are not having enough children to replace ourselves. Talk about neglecting the future for tomorrow’s generation–what will that look like for the workforce, caregivers, military defense, marriage, innovation? Where’s the march for that? At home? Not having sex?


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