What Good Ideas We Are Having!

This one is going to be super popular.


Grieve and repent.


There’s not a way to reframe this narrative to make it less foolish or wicked.

We are so blinded by pride, that no one vetted the trans, S&M Master enough to realize he was a kleptomaniac… before elevating him to NUCLEAR ENERGY.  As if the kleptomania is what made him a poor hiring choice?

But wait… hold my beer, foolish pride! There’s more! No one thought it would be inappropriate to have men who are okay with sexual abuse as guests at the White House… and yes drag before children is sexual abuse.


This is our reality and I swear to you I will have a nasty email from a “Christian” over pronouns, by lunchtime. As if we needed to prove the “you can’t see the forrest for the trees point” further.


In our sin, this is who we elevate. This is who has been ushered into authority, seats of power and influence. We have taken sin and wrapped it in liberty and diversity to make it seem good and holy, a thing to be worshipped. And then we did just that— worshipped false gods at fallen altars. And demanded the right to bring our children as a sacrifice.


There was a day when we had time to worry with foolish things like jobs, the perception of others, or how our nation appeared to our enemies. Those days are gone. All that matters is how we stand before Holy God—and friend, our standing should look like kneeling.


Grieve and repent.

Then return to the fields for harvest, the workers are even fewer now. Because many are too busy celebrating the Respect for Marriage Act and don’t know see the problem or care for those lost while they feast.


You can call idolatry whatever you want but what in all of Scripture leads you to believe God doesn’t know the difference? Even when he/her/they do not.

❤️—Your friendly neighborhood extremist



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