The Hawkeye Cauckeye and Who Cares?

Friends, we could debrief every caucus, every town hall, and debate. It is all for naught if these two questions are not answered.

  1. Will there be a free and fair election in November?
  2. Will Donald Trump be allowed to run unhindered? (As though he hasn’t already been.)


He is the inevitable nominee unless thwarted by subterfuge and sabotage. Those are the numbers, like them or not. If he runs, he wins the primary. The rest is mechanics and obligatory charades until one by one the reality of Trump’s numbers meet the opposing candidates’ budgets and bottom lines. And I’m not saying we shouldn’t have the primary process with valid and promising candidates.  We should. But for the sake of the process, for the integrity of the party and nation, we need to know definitively if Trump would even be allowed to take office by the Democrats.


They are sure sounding like he wouldn’t be with all the “He’s a dictator…Democracy is in peril…” rhetoric.


Someone guarantee these things will happen and then we can dissect platforms and records. Until then we walk in circles from state to state.

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