When There is No Vision, the People Perish…and Worse

Fairly straightforward right? When there is no vision the people perish. We usually see and hear this in the context of leadership development, team building, and plan-making. Perfectly fine. Perfectly true. But there are worse things than having a bad idea that succeeds or a poor plan that fails.


In the absence of vision— forward-thinking, future factoring, righteous and good guidance—nations can crumble, the people enslaved, and generations lost. In the absence of vision, things can deteriorate to the point that “to perish” would be a welcomed reprieve.


We are there. This is the cusp we are on as a party, as a people. We have no vision. We have lost the goal and thus tire ourselves running in wrong directions only to win nothing.


The House will eventually elect a speaker. But my main concern about the House and the whole GOP, has less to do with an empty seat and more to do with a lack of guiding principles.


If this process has revealed anything for the GOP, it is that there are greater numbers than we realized of people who are self-serving, grudge-holding, and entrenched in the establishment. WE ARE NOT ALL ON THE SAME TEAM.


The “Uniparty” is no more a myth than the deep state. Both are alive and well.


How could a body of “like-minded” individuals who profess some semblance of sanity look at our present circumstances and not see the critical position we are in, within our nation and within the world? And I’m not talking about just one side, the conservatives vs the moderates—I mean “all y’all.” How in the world could you justify going home for the weekend? How could you not see the need to seize the opportunity quickly to establish yourselves as wiser and better? What a bold contrast you could have been and still could be.


What a remarkably easier time to be the better man and party! I mean the standard for democratic good now includes transgender madness, Hamas heroes, in-country terror cells, rampant homelessness, the death of middle-America, and trending economic collapse. You don’t have to do a whole heck of a lot to be winners here, my fellow GOP’ers and GOP’ish.


But you do gotta do SOMETHING.


We need knights on white-horses. Strike that. No white supremacists here. We need knights on any color horses, any kind of chariots, my word—come by boat, train, or broke-down burro, on camel or elephants like Hannibal or Hadrian.


But get here. AND GET TO WORK. The base has now seen who is who and what is what. We have seen temporal toddlering and tantrumming. Now show us the adults in the room.


Someone, for the love goodness and normalcy, form a coalition and start putting together bold plans, and bigger vision. Get your messaging on-point and in-mouth.


“We are willing to wrestle within, address what is not working or measuring up, and risk foolishness…but we are unwilling to continue as we have, going along to get along. Within our party or with any other party. We must change direction, and not by degrees.”


There is still opportunity for greatness. There is also still opportunity to perish. But the days of respect for those who maintain and manage our nation’s decline are over. I am fairly sane and civilized, but I find myself increasingly hostile to those who have banked off of our current shameful state and are willing to risk the futures of the next generation to maintain their own clout, comfort, or convenience. Done. With. That. Hoorah.

—Your friendly neighborhood extremist and Salty Citizen


  1. Justin O Smith on January 17, 2024 at 10:59 PM

    Ms Sara Johnson:

    Please stop allowing the Marxist-Maoist censors and their false narratives influence Your choice of words and phrasing, and stop inferring that there is something inherently wrong with using the phrase “knights of white horses”, or “white” anything.

    You have basically suggested that “white” is now to be seen as a pejorative word, when in fact, in literature and throughout history it has always been associated with purity, righteousness and the white, bright light of truth and life, and all that is good.

    That You felt the need to qualify Your words with “knights on any color of horses” is quite telling. And although true at its core, the entire analogy could have been left out of this piece, rather than give credence to the Democratic Party Communists’ false assertions and narratives that white people and “white supremacy” are really current and existential threats to our republic.

    Perhaps I could have left this unsaid, but I’m truly goddamned sick and tired of hearing even so-called conservatives pander to these goddamned anti-American tyrannical parasites in our country, and suggesting that something must be wrong with being a white person in America, simply because they are attempting to turn history and reality on its head and rewrite history.

    No matter that slavery existed in America in Her early years; it existed across the globe and white people didn’t start it. In fact, when one looks at Ireland and Russia in the mid-centuries, it was white people who were by and large enslaved. And do I need to remind You and everybody here that some 600,000 white people died in our Civil War to eventually see slavery end in America? — even tho’ that wasn’t the initial cause of the Civil War; and then, it was white people who joined the black people in the 1950s and 60s Civil Rights Movement to end Jim Crow laws and segregation, opening the door to the misguided affirmative action, political correctness and the far left “progressive” Woke bullshit that has given black people privilege above everyone, far more so than anything even remotely resembling “equality under the law”, as if when one scratches the surface of a black persons turd, he will find a gold bar or something wonderful.

    Even now, it is white conservative and independent freedom loving Americans who are at the heart of the movement fighting back as hard as we can to stop this Marxist-Maoist assault on the founding principles and the Republic, as the Biden regime seeks to complete the fundamental transformation of America into an authoritarian socialist/ communist state. This isn’t to say that many great people of color are not fighting for the same principles, such as Lt Colonel Allen West [retired Army and former U.S. Representative], Walter E. Williams, Condoleeza Rice and Harris Faulkner and so many others, — fighting against the flood of ignorant, illiterate people of color entering the U.S. illegally as part of the Democratic Party’s plan to replace the electorate with voters more receptive to being controlled by and giving fealty to Big Government.

    Historically and statistically speaking, white men have represented a disproportionate number of enlistment numbers in the U.S. Armed Services and casualties in all our wars, past and present.

    So “whitey’s bad”? Kiss the ass of the Black Community? Black Muslims? Black Panthers? Yea ___ right. ___ That’ll be the day.

    Stop apologizing for all things white. It makes me sick to the very pits of my stomach and the core of my heart. Never did I ever believe I would live to hear and see so many people afraid to say that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the color white or with being a white person.

    And to all You people who may read this, if You are ashamed of being white, I guess the only thing to do is kill Yourself so as to not offend all those poor, goddamned ignorant anti-American Black Racist Communists of the Democratic Party, who have spent the past decade toppling statues of American heroes, rewriting history and rioting and looting and burning cities all across this America I love so well, in order to pave the way for the Great Replacement and a new America where Whitey ain’t welcome in the land of his birth.

    Oh … and before You apologists for Black Radicals and Extremists off Yourself, be sure to make a will leaving all Your worldly possessions to the NAACP and Louis Farrakhan’s Black Muslims and New Black Panthers.

    I never have despised anyone due to the color of their skin, but I sure as fuck hate these people of color and white liberals and Marxist-Maoists who are facilitating the current trend of revers-racism we see in America today. I hate them, not because they are black but because they hold to an ideology and a worldview that results in tyranny and stands against and aims to destroy everything good and decent America has always defended and protected, including everybody’s Inalienable God-given Rights.

    I’m white … well … maybe off-white, and I’m a proud American. I’m proud, not because I’m white but rather because of what I have fought to preserve in America for decades, namely freedom and individual liberty for all, regardless of color, and for anyone to suggest that myself or anyone else, or anything, must be less simply because we are white is reprehensible and despicable and as unsound and mentally deficient a thing anyone could ever suggest.

    If You’re ashamed of being white, Ms Johnson, please speak for Yourself, and don’t drag the rest of us down with Your politically correct misdirection and ignoble, illogical notions that being white must be a bad thing, simply because it’s the trend in the Leftist mainstream media today and the popular thing with all of America’s current enemies-from-within, whether we speak of Merrick Garland’s DOJ and the Biden regime or the New Black Panthers, Hamas, CAIR, LaRaza and a litany of others.

    Aside from this, You are on the right track, regarding the “uniparty”, especially as we see RINOs in Congress, such as Senator Mitch McConnell, moving to join hands with the Democrats and create new legislation to facilitate a minimum of 5000 illegal aliens entering the U.S. per day, to be given green cards and legal status. This one thing alone exhibits how deep the treachery and treason runs throughout both sides of the aisle, as most well-informed people understand that existing law would normally be sufficient enough to seal the border and stop the border crisis, if only we had a president who actually followed U.S. law.

    Set aside the border issue, the current war in our country is one between Good and Evil and two sides of our nation that are too widely separated to be reconciled in any meaningful manner, with one advancing our founding ideology based on the principles of freedom and liberty and the other seeking to end our founding, hold the Constitution meaningless and create a tyrannical state, whereby their every utterance can bypass all checks and balances, any Congress or judicial proceedings and become “the Law” by that simple act of speaking and saying it must be so.

    There is no easy path forward over the next six to ten years, and it will more than likely conclude in one form or fashion after our nation descends into another bloody civil war and emerges the other side changed forever more.

    In the meantime, be proud of who you are, no matter the color of your skin, and stop making race the issue. Be proud because you stand for what is true and right, for liberty and freedom for all, for “equality under the law” once again regardless of one’s skin color. And fight like hell, like Your very life depends on it, to preserve freedom and liberty for all Americans, for Your Children and Their Children’s Children and generations beyond, even if it may one day require You to pick up Your rifle and ammo box to make it so.

    ~ Justin O Smith

    • sbhuggy110578 on January 18, 2024 at 7:07 PM

      Ahem…thank you for your lengthy response. However, I was being facetious and purposefully poking fun at the lunacy of intersectionality with the “knights on white horses” comment. Take a breath, friend. Maybe read a few others posts before you unleash your wrath and rage. I am not the droid you are seeking.

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