Not As Righteous As You Think

I have a feeling it’s gonna be that kinda year… Again. This may be more salt than your summer is ready for. You may well bristle about everything I’m about to say.
The most shocking thing to me is not that there is division or corruption in the nation or in politics.
The most shocking thing to me is how easily manipulated the Church has been.
Forget being Berean… we aren’t even doing look or smell tests at this point. There is no need for tanks, we have no desire to deep dive on anything.
We truly hoisted up maybe the least Biblical platform ever and called it righteous, because it is wrapped in just enough diversity/etiquette to make us feel good about ourselves. And friend, that is not me being unkind or partisan. Think back to the Democratic Convention and platforms of the last 8 years. They are absent God on purpose and by their own admonitions. 
The enemy didn’t need to persecute the Church to divide it, oh no… it required far less work on his part.
Crushing weight and discouragement, isolation and oppression?? Psshhh. All unnecessary.
Though believe me they are coming. All he had to do was put the risk of social rejection and the razzie for displays of compassion on the table.
I see almost no evangelicals who are welling with pride over any actual platform, but many who liked the idea of “historic” or “justice.”
Some of us got hoodwinked by empty adjectives.
Do you see how easily and predictable this transition was? Tell me you do.
When we elevate anything above holy as the aim, we are in danger.
Apart from truth, our gold standard isn’t holiness or loving obedience to Christ. It is whatever culture dictates on any given day.
Our gold standard for what is good, is now whatever the world says in each wicked season. Independence. Sexuality. Equity. Diversity…tolerance? All are seen not just on par but surpassing the desire for HOLY.
Tell me we don’t behave as though these things are the highest, best good for ALL.
Friend, they are so desired we train and immerse ourselves in them at work, school, and play.
No one cares if the freshmen class has charcter, morality, or wisdom.  Are they diverse?
According to man, diverse = righteous.
Friend, Christ disagrees.
In the same way *same* does not equal righteous.
Nothing equals righteous…except righteous.
In our disdain for one brand of sin, we have traded for another that is exponentially more extreme.
And, we didn’t have to be coerced or compelled… we didn’t even choose for the greater good, we chose for self. For superiority.
Wormwood didn’t have to entrap or blackmail, only rebranding was needed here. “Just call it moral and decent… tell them they are wiser and more compassionate for it, loving even.”
“They’ll never believe it. Not about this.”
—Sure, they will. They absolutely will. Because the alternative will be too much to bear.
Everyone likes to think they would be with John the Baptist in the wild, but I think we are more likely to have been found admiring his head and quietly blaming him for being so disagreeable.
The call to reject sin. There could be no more dangerous words in our world.
We have bought the worlds version of Love Your Neighbor, which is See No Sin.
And, when there is no sin, there is no need for a Savior.
Jesus? What for?
Everything we want to do, we can and should do… because it is surely good.
My government says so.
My culture says so.
And now my loving Christian neighbor says so.
Unfollow me now.
The chances of me placating in the near future are slim. Quite slim.