Mums the Word on Dignity and Reverance

Say what you want about the Queen. the Monarchy, the Empire, etc. This is not an endorsement of righteousness, I can appreciate the gravity of circumstances… even for imperfect people. And you can too! It’s a thing–adults can multitask.  Any sense of character or honesty should compel you to acknowledge— honor, tradition, dignity, and majesty are good and noble things for society.


Our cynical culture, however, dismisses the right things and applauds mostly the wrong things. As long as we pay celebrities like Cardi B and her ilk to shame themselves, others, and us with nastiness, obscenity, and disrespect, as long as we glorify the worst, most harmful parts of our carnality… we probably shouldn’t be making fun of a nation in mourning, who chooses to honor their matriarch with things done right and well.


There is value in teaching children that not everything should be casual or careless. Some things are worth shining the buttons, polishing the shoes, and fluffing the feathers for. Some (ALL) lives are both worth celebrating the good and grieving the bad, worth marching or driving the miles for.


Instead of feeling superior or treating the Queen’s funeral or their traditions as silly… wouldn’t it be lovely if we collectively acknowledged that as we survey the absolute chaos and confusion we are living in— NONE of it was caused by having too much dignity, obscene amounts of respect for others, or Godly pride in our country and countrymen.

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