Paper or Plastic? Communism Comes to the Aisles of Chicago

The government is getting into the grocery game. What could go wrong?


Well, let’s see. How’s government doing in education? Healthcare? Energy? Anything at all? Are there any waters that government was not designed to go in, that it has waded into anyway, and we are better for it? I’m looking, I’m looking…nope. All I see is a bunch of people flailing in the state waters. Isn’t that right, my “beaches…”


But this time is going to be different because there is a legitimate need (that they created).


Let me explain.


Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has shared that the city will be working with the Economic Security Project to create a municipally-owned grocery store. Tremendous. So helpful.


But why? Oh because, “All Chicagoans deserve to live near convenient, affordable, healthy grocery options…and access is a challenge for many residents. Especially on the South and West sides.”


Also, because food inequity. On the South and West sides over 50% of the population lives more than half a mile from their nearest grocery store. and in other parts of the city, less than 1% have this hurdle to overcome.


Which is so interesting. Hmmm…I wonder why there are no grocery stores in those areas? Is it because grocery stores are racist or because liberal policies have decimated neighborhoods, cities and entire states?


These areas are about to get newfangled government-owned grocery stores because they have lost every Wal-Mart, Target, and recently a Whole Foods.


In these areas, median income is half of what it is in greater Chicago.

In these areas, the population has decreased exponentially in the last 5 years.

In these areas, the unemployment rate is greater than 17%.

In these areas, crime and theft are up creating loss and liability for the safety of the employees and property.

In these areas, stores saw profit loss double over the last five years.


So, to recap… democratic leadership has created huge, largely minority swaths of the city where there is less disposable income, greater unemployment, and such poor economic and law enforcement environments that corporations simply cannot afford to stay in business there. And now they are going to put a government-owned grocery store in to “save the people?”


How is this different than the person who keeps kicking you in the teeth opening up a dentist’s office–to make your frequent need of crowns more convenient?


This is what progressivism looks like. It creates deplorable conditions, everyone who stays is a victim and everyone who leaves is the oppressor. And then it provides “solutions” to the problems it created. It is absolute wickedness. And it is wickedness that is usually perpetrated on the backs of the marginalized it pretends to care so much for.


What kind of hellhole must one be living in to make communism seem like a welcomed solution or kindness? Ask the good people of Chicago, who after Lori Lightfoot’s disastrous reign, elected someone even more to the left.

Will armed guards be here to protect the employees a la Jim’s West Hoagies in Philly??

This is the same Chicago that has recently asked you to not commit crimes during peak hours or leave your houses when bad guys are out. You gotta break those chains Chi-town. Once and for all. They are not for you.


There is no room for a Whole Foods with its array of artisanal cheeses and broccolini in communist Chicago. There is only room for off brand, Dharma Initiative canned goods with black and white labels and all the sugary crap your SNAP card will allow. We can’t have you healthy, well, or working. Get off those diabetic feet while Mother Country provides.

Nuh uh. I’d rather be hungry than fed by patronizing, belly-patting corruption.

Live not by lies, people.

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