Sanctuary Cities Not Safe for Students…and Other Democratic Disgraces

My, my, my. What an embarrassment of riches we have in the “things that make me want to light my hair on fire” category!


So numerous are the headlines to choose from, I simply could not choose. Let’s address them all!


Students in at Brooklyn’s James Madison High School were informed today by Mayor Eric Adams, that they would be staying home tomorrow and attending class remotely. Why? Because almost 2,000 illegal immigrants need to be sheltered at their school. Now, wanting to keep immigrants safe and warm is a good thing. Wanting to keep students safe is a good thing. Not realizing you can’t do both at the same time, on the same campus…when people pointed out this exact scenario as a reason to rethink plans months ago? Well, that’s just dumb. Democratic policies are not good for education or immigration. And we all know it. We all see it. But here we are.


Moving on. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was hospitalized for the past week due to complications after a surgical procedure, which we now know was related to prostate cancer. Fine. Except when you are sixth in line for the presidency, you have to tell your boss. The logic for such gross deception and oversight? There was no need to inform anyone because it was a minor procedure with few complications expected. Great. Except there was a complication and Austin ended up in the ICU. The defense secretary was in the hospital for four days and no one knew about it.


Friend, if it would get you fired from Chuckee Cheese it should get you fired from one of the highest offices in the land. But it won’t. Democratic S.O.P’s include covering errors and shielding from accountability.


Claudine Gay’s plagiarism is “duplicative language,” and “insufficient citations.”


Democratic donors bought Hunter Biden’s art and were then appointed to high-ranking positions.


Fanny Willis hired her lover to prosecute Trump. Totally fine, I’m sure.


On and on we could go. January 6th prisoners. Epstein’s list. I cannot possibly maintain the levels of outrage needed to adequately process each instance of utter corruption.


When will we be tired enough? Embarrassed enough? Broke, frustrated, or in peril enough to do something? Even if we feel we can’t thwart the evil empire when will care enough to hold the leadership of our own party accountable?


It can’t go on forever. Eventually we will run out of food and money.


We are in a controlled and calculated decline. There is a ray of sunshine for these days of Job. And that is the Book of Job, which I am reading now. Our guy wins. Maybe not in November or even the year after. But trust me, we win. There is accountability. There is justice, for the wicked and those who enable wickedness (also wicked.)


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