The Talking Heads, Taking Votes and Burning Down the House

Aww…Watch out. You might get what you’re after.

No seriously. You just might. Prepare your hearts. You will either receive this with gladness or groans. As a child of the 80’s? All gladness here.


Y’all remember “Burning Down the House,” from The Talking Heads? It’s been a minute, I know.  Think back to when MTV was still music videos. All white tuxedos and the weird American Psycho-esque frontman. You know how they came up with the name Talking Heads? It came from a TV Guide and explained the term used by TV studios to describe the head-and shoulder shot of a person talking. All talk, no action. That’s you GOP.


And I’ll be damned if you’re not burning down the house.


Hold tight. Wait ’til the party’s over. Hold tight. We’re in for nasty weather.


The disruptor in me was equal parts “Yeah, man!” and “Oh, man.” when Gaetz threw the first grenade. BOOM! Goes the Dynamite. And Sweet Kev.


I’m not a fan of McCarthy. I’m also not a fan of foolishness that doesn’t have a plan. But I don’t buy into the Chicken Little Panic to avoid the shutdown of a government that quite frankly, should be shut down.


Sometimes you gotta blow things up. Decrepit and decaying structures? Bring ’em down, they aren’t safe. Bombs that are already armed? Yep. Controlled detonation is better than uncontrolled. Light ‘er up.


Systems that are dysfunctional, self-serving, and have patted their party’s heads while giving not just inches, but miles, on every issue they were supposed to hold the line on? The entrenched and entitled who have gained wealth and influence promoting themselves while failing their constituents? Get the matches.


Here’s your ticket, pack your bags. Time for jumping overboard.


I think you will find that most conservative voters are okay giving up McCarthy. I am happy to wait and see how this plays out. But voting against Jim Jordan? When we have heard all week long how desperately we need the House back in session? How important and necessary you are…yada yada… the world needs your resolutions…and when presented with an option your voting public overwhelmingly supports—you hold out? Burning down the House.


If you’re gonna burn it down, burn it all the way down. I’m okay with heaping on the ash and putting on the sackcloth for an election cycle (though I don’t think we have one to give.) Eventually, the mourning ends, the ash is hauled off and we can scrape the foundation to start a new. But build on rotted ruins, we should not.


I swear to you, I am not voting for any candidate who does not acknowledge how little the Grand Ol’ Party has to celebrate right now and how much they have to atone for.


This is one of the few viable platforms the GOP could campaign from, “We have blown it. We are sorry. Please forgive us.”


This strategy, along with some ironclad vision for the future…is their only hope. Because running on promises for tomorrow or fidelity to pledges made yesterday would be inappropriate. Running on the strong show of force presented against Biden’s administration would be laughable. Running on preserving any semblance of fiscal responsibility over the last 2-20 years? That’s just a flat lie. And running on brotherly love or unity within the party? Well, that’s a joke. And no one is laughing.


Get it together, my party people. As much as the Democratic party has a character issue, the GOP has a credibility issue. Which, in the house I grew up in…was also a character issue.


This should be an easy election to win. My word, it is an embarrassment of riches for obvious cases to be made against progressivism. I mean they are broadcasting their lunacy in 4k to anyone who will listen!

No visible means of support and… You. Have. Not. Seen. Nothing. Yet—Everything’s stuck together.


Say you’re sorry for lacking the maturity or foresight to see that this election could only be won by everyone putting aside their personal pursuit of glory, recognizing the critical place our nation is in—the precipice that we are truly on, and crafting a solid platform, cohesive talking points, assuming militant offensive positions against Biden, the media, and any other candidate they intend to put forth…and waging a long overdue war.


For the love of apple pie and what used to be baseball—before we glorified klepto-psycho-pseudo nuns at games—would someone please communicate that you understand it would take 12 if not 20 years to undo the damage that has been done to every institution in our fair land. Put forth a team with a deep bench that promises to clean house in the courts, the IRS, the DOJ, the DOD… I would vote for that and almost nothing less.


Vow to rid your own party of the stale and stagnant “stalwarts” who have made accountability an impossibility and allowed dems to run rough shod over both commerce and constitution. I’d vote for that.


But don’t dare come at me with establishment entitlement or party politics. I don’t care whose turn “they” think it is. I don’t care about family names or dynasties. I am entirely unimpressed by a Washington work history.


About twelve of y’all deserve to be in office and the rest should go home. Show me the person willing to lose re-election if it means being able to speak with clarity and conviction on whoever’s behalf—so that the American people win.


We are in a crisis and a wicked strain of leftism is degrading every good and Godly thing in our nation–IN THE WORLD.


And an impotent strain of “almost rightism” has allowed it. Fear of man, fear of loss, fear of a change in comfort or status…has kept good men from holding hardlines on plumblines. And now we drift and fade into an unnecessary dark.


Get it together or go home. You’re burning down the House.

And it’s not near as fun to watch now, as it was in front of the TV with a bowl of Cap’n Crunch in 1983.


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  1. Insectman on October 18, 2023 at 6:13 PM

    As a friend said, “Democrats and Republicans are two wings of a bird flying the WRONG way!”

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