We Have Forgotten 9/11 Entirely

Never forget? With all due respect, we have forgotten everything.


We have forgotten every important thing we learned in the aftermath of 9/11, except to post the obligatory patriotic pic on the anniversary.



We have forgotten that we are better off together, and instead have allowed ourselves to be divided along lines of faith, color, party, location, sexual orientation, gender, and class.



Friend, we’ve moved way past the division that leads to awkward conversations over politics with a neighbor and well into, targeted aggression, harassment, and violence toward the opposition.



We certainly forgot that civil wars are always costly and never civil.


We forgot that faith in God once sustained us, forgotten it is He who has provided the land we live on, the air we breathe and the freedom we walk in.


We have forgotten that He sees all and knows all and will not be mocked–not by new age popes, nuns in drag, or His adulterous Bride.



We have forgotten that we have actual enemies. With actual weapons. And we cannot sympathize, negotiate or buy our way out of their cross-hairs.



We have forgotten that there is evil that will not be stopped by laws, language or sensitivity training. The devil laughs uproariously at how easily and quickly we walk in the guilt and “repentance” for nonsense social infractions while being entirely unrepentant of actual sin. Well done, sir. You gotta hand it to him for this terribly effective campaign.



We have forgotten that the alternatives to Western Civilization are constant and warring pursuits of power, brutal oppression, and poverty for all.



We have forgotten that it was a good, even great, thing to be proud of our country, even when it’s imperfect. We have been made to shame everything about ourselves: our history, our progress, our potential.


We are ashamed of privilege… the privilege of civil liberty, free speech and every other benefit that being in our nation bears. We give our rights so gladly to strangers and enemies while denying them for ourselves.

Hey, NY public schools…how’s the “required vaccines for residents but not for migrants” thing working out for you this week? Seems fair.



We are ashamed of our weakness and even more ashamed of our strength.

We have forgotten that symbols were once sacred–not because they had any power, but because they represented unifying purposes greater than ourselves and the sacrifices of the people who pursued them.



Can you imagine the response the “CHAZ” movement would have received in 2001? Can you imagine a September 12th, 2001 response to draping paintings of Ge0rge Washingt0n in 2019 or removing Washingt0n statues in 2020? Can you imagine their response to me having to “misspell” words like George Washington with symbols lest it be censored on social media?



Banning flags in schools or symbols of patriotism because they are “aggressive?” Kneeling during the anthem has become replacing the anthem and those dangerous Betsy Ross shoes, are now social justice jerseys.



Can you imagine a 9/12/2001 New Yorker putting up for one second, with the corruption, crime, elitism, partiality and suffocation NY is being ruled by today?


The people of September 12th, 2001 would be *actually aggressive* towards the people of 9/12 today. They would be so deeply offended by our new normals, deeply offended that we pay people like “the squad” to represent us, while yapping at us and denigrating us from our Capitol.



How is “We will never forget” WORKING OUT AT OUR 0PEN SOUTHERN B0RDER? What would we have said about that 21 years ago as we let drugs and unknown people pour in now?


In 2020 we lost over 20k to fentanyl… in 2021 57k… in 2022 71k.



They do not have to hijack a plane. WE ARE LOSING A 9/11 WORTH OF PEOPLE 23 TIMES A YEAR because leadership does not believe our country or its people are worth defending.



We forgot that our first-responders and military are to be applauded and saluted, not assaulted and spit on. Our military and p0lice are still disrespected, alienated, undermined and now defunded.


Can you imagine telling a 9/12/01 democrat that they are now in the party of “Defund the police?”



We allow lawlessness to reign in city governments, state governments, who in turn allow lawlessness like Antifa, to rule their streets.



We have forgotten to defend ourselves, our laws or our land, from those who would destroy it from within. We have forgotten that our nation is worth protecting and defending, our rules are worth following. By those within and those who want to come in.



We have forgotten that life matters, that our creati0n is h0ly. Can you imagine explaining neutral pronouns, drag story hour, crap tv and ab0rtion up to birth to yourself on 9/12/2001?



We have forgotten that strong leadership is good leadership. We should expect it, demand it and hold it accountable.



What we learned on 9/12/2001 was that even death, destruction and terr0rism could not topple a nation whose spirit and unity remained.



What we know on 9/12/2023 is that it requires far less to do the job.



A nation at war and in poverty will still defend itself if it believes it has value. But, a prosperous and blessed nation who has been crushed in spirit, doesn’t need enemies to attack… it is perfectly happy to destroy itself.



We allow the lawlessness and abhorrent behavior, the assaults we see and people record it… but do not end it, the BLM Antifa protests through neighborhoods and restaurants… we allow it because we have been convinced we deserve it.


We allow it because radicals have banged the drum for decades that America is evil, freedom is oppression, disparity is racism and opportunity is bad.



They didn’t even have to drop a b0mb. They killed ideas, history, identity and unity… through p0litics, curriculums, influence, and entertainment.



If we are not careful, we are about to have the equal (but worse) outcomes they desire.



We have forgotten that those who don’t remember, repeat. And, in our forgetting… many will look on this statement today and call it intolerant, racist and harsh.

This is why the L0rd commands His people… Remember, remember… teach your children, impress upon your children, talk about it… remember these things.

Because it takes less than one generation to entirely forget. It takes way less than just 22 years. I wrote the first version of this in 2012.



Wake up. Wake up and realize that many of your leaders playing on sympathy and common bond today—were seeking to destroy you yesterday and will resume again tomorrow.

Wake and remember… while you still have freedoms to defend and the freedom to defend them.

And, never forget.


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  1. Vanessa Powell on September 15, 2023 at 4:31 PM

    Thanks Sara! A brilliant post that needs to be shared everywhere! Thanks for being the voice for us to keep our eyes on Jesus. God bless you, your family and ministry.

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