Come Down From That Cross

Tell me you don’t understand Christology or soteriology without telling me… never mind. You don’t understand Jesus or salvation if you think social justice equates to Christ on the cross.

Steve Chalke, a British Baptist minister and social activist, tweeted this over the weekend. Good Friday to be precise.

When people use twitter assassinate you for speaking up for the excluded–for refugees, for LGB & trans people, for those who are neuro-diverse, or disabled, or live in poverty–remember it’s not the first time someone’s been crucified for telling people to love one another. @SteveChalke (Twitter)


Mr. Chalke is obviously an impressive and accomplished man with admirable credentials and enviable influence. But this is tone-deaf to the point of errant.

Social justice and defending the marginalized did not bring Jesus to the cross. My sin and yours did.

Obedience did.

The righteousness of God did.

The wrath of God did.

The will of God did.

The goodness of God did.

The love of God did.


And “love one another?” Friends, being counter cultural is going to be tough for you if you think this was th message that caused so much trouble.

JESUS SAID HE WAS GOD. AND THEN HE PROVED IT… while confronting sin, false piety, and false peace.


And, OH MY WORD…  if we think unkindness on Twitter equates to the brutal death of the spotless lamb. I’m gonna go ahead and guess that Mr. Chalke and I would define “identify with the suffering of Christ” differently. The suffering and shame that Christ endured as He BORE OUR SIN was far greater than mean words or being ratioed.  Merciless beatings, thorns driven into His brow, nails in His hands and feet… are we really so callous or self-adulating that we think verbal pushback against our ideas or behavior is on the same level?

Suffering is NOT anything less than agreement, affirmation, or celebration of one’s words or deeds. What a Christ diminishing view and self-elevating view. I don’t care what act compassion has driven you to commit, it was absolutely not willingly giving your life on a cross to absolve and forgive the sin debt of others. Perspective is good and helpful. But also, sometimes horribly wrong. Come on down from that cross, sir. You’re not accomplishing what you think you are.


  1. Les.Lee.E on April 13, 2023 at 12:09 PM

    Yes! Thank you for speaking up for the truth found in God’s Word, not in modern culture. Your boldness is refreshing and your humor makes me laugh (a little sweet/a little salty). Keep it up!

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