Your Majesty

May be an image of standing and text that says '@HeySaltyLady TAKETIN. TAKE THE RESPECT AND REV EREN cE. THE POMP AND PAGEANTRY. THEN REMEMBER YOUR KING, THOUGH BURIED, LIVES AGAIN. AND IS RETURNING SOON.'What a day that will be! Royal indeed!

All of our feeble gestures at majesty, but glimpses and fractions of greater glory. It’s moving, even powerful to see. Yet, there is coming a day with trumpet sound and heralded howl, horse and highest praise. Not to BURY, but to BEGIN!
It will not be an era’s demise, it will be “Kingdom Arise!” and greet the dawn of the Returning King.
Crowned before creation in glory, every knee will humbly bow before HE and every tongue confess HE ALONE is Lord.
And all sons and daughters, the heirs of our Father, now assembled and awakened to greet Him. O thou long expected King, sweet rest at last you bring. Let me finish well in the waiting. I pray you return to find me weary from worship, confident of your Lordship, and poured out for YOUR MAJESTY.

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