The Good Grace of Good Friday

The Lord has allowed me to cross paths with all kinds of gifted and interesting people who encourage, equip, and edify The Body. Among them, my friend Terese Holloway–a poet and prophet.  You can find her book, Seeds of Hope, in the link below.

Seeds Of Hope: Daily Devotions to Inspire and Lift You Up During Difficult Times: Holloway, Terese: 9781616381462: Books

This is the perspective, through the eyes of the thief on the Cross. Be so very blessed on this great and Good Friday, as we remember God’s gift of love in and through His own son, Jesus the Christ.

The Very First Person Saved By Grace

by Terese Holloway


Little did I know today,

As I walked this long and dusty road;

That as I hung upon a dreadful cross,

I’d play a most important role.


For in the midst of haughty ridicule,

I was meant to be a source of shame;

For the man they all called Jesus ~

Side by Side, TODAY, we’d hang!


I didn’t fully understand WHY,

He was placed between two thieves;

You see, WE deserved to die ~

The other man and ME.


But I couldn’t help but wonder

Why this gentle man should die;

What had he done so awful

That the crowd yelled, “Crucify?”


My emotions stirred within

As I watched the mob grow wild;

They mocked and jeered his name

And in EVERY way, defiled!


I could HEAR the very breath of Jesus ~

I could FEEL his intensity within;

But even now, in all his pain,

He bowed and prayed for THEM.


I observed the one’s that loved him,

In helpless turmoil cry and scream;

Their very hearts were being broken

And they couldn’t do a thing.


Then I heard an ANGRY voice shouting,

From the OTHER side of Christ;

Joining in on all the ridicule,

With a heart as cold as ice.

How could he hang by Jesus

And NOT know the TRUTH today;

How could he be this CLOSE to HIM,

And yet so far away?


Then I turned MY heart to Jesus

And placed my eyes on HIM;

I ask him, “Lord, remember ME,

When it comes time to enter IN!”

I felt his strong and piercing love

As he stared deep within my eyes;

And he assured me, that TODAY,

I’d be with HIM, in paradise.


So, I held on, BEYOND the pain,

With a faith in God’s OWN Son;

To deliver me from death,

When my life on earth was done!

I became the very FIRST

Person Saved By Grace;


And I finally understood,

This most important role I’d played.

For God’s Son, became a sacrifice

And redeemed the world from sin;

And He conquered death’s harsh sting,

So even, I, could enter IN!

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