The Letting Go

If the Lord wills…. These words said by some of the bravest, closest followers of Christ. Paul and James…men so confident in what they saw and KNEW, that they would leave lives they knew for deaths they didn’t. Men of conviction and clarity. These are the men who ultimately and humbly acknowledged… only the Lord knows all.
If the Lord wills… I will return.
If the Lord wills… I will see you again.
If the Lord wills… my plan is to… but only if the Lord wills.
These are open handed days my friends. Let it go. And, let it all be sifted through open, humble hands. You don’t know. I don’t know. Nothing is promised to us and there is nothing we can promise to others. Don’t wrestle to regain control of what the Lord is so clearly taking, from us all.
Have you ever had to keep a secret from your child? Good or bad, for whatever reason… sometimes to prevent worry, or conceal a surprise? You tell them only what you can, though they ask and ask. Because you know, what they don’t. And, you also know what is best. Ten times over spring break before everything got sideways, I told my kids “Just trust me.”
Trust that I know where we are going. Trust that I know when we will get there. Trust that I am prepared for whatever happens next. Trust that I will provide whatever is needed. Sweet Mary & Joseph!! Just trust me!!
I’m tired of ”Maybe’s.” I much prefer, “If the Lord wills…” It acknowledges what “maybe” never does.
1. Someone is in control.
2. That someone is not me.
And, that is OK. Because He can be trusted.
I challenge you to start every day with an acknowledgement of the lowly state we all share. Ask the Lord how HE would have you spend your time, what HE would have you do. Avoid the stress and frustration of “I don’t know.” Because friend, it’s not important that you do.
If the Lord wills, we will fellowship again. But, we will do it with renewed gratitude for our many blessings.
Shalom Y’all.