For The Mamas and the Papas

Bah-da bah-da-da-da.

Bah-da bah-da-da-da.

Mundane, Monday, so good to… “What in the world?! Why are you doing that?! Do not put chocolate chips in your sister’s ear!! At least not the Ghirardellis!!”


Things I didn’t think I would find myself saying on a Monday morning but once did.


Any Mamas and Papas out there?

Anyone’s domestic discipleship journey in a season less holy hippy and more HOLY MOLY?!

Here is a glimmer of hope. Even on days that fall apart, when schedules are unpredictable, and progress seems slow—the God of Grace is present with you and has a purpose for you. Now. Today.

Really think about that.


His call to communion does not wait until we are empty nesters. His desire for intimacy with His children isn’t moved to the backburners while you parent your children. And yes–HE KNOWS THE HARDSHIP OF LITTLES. He made them. He designed all of this–the messy, the mundane…He calls it GOOD and He uses it for His glory.  You need to know that.


The only adjective I remember people using when describing parenting, was HARD.  And yes, it is. But come on, we can do better. “Hard” is less than helpful when trying to prepare someone for the mountain that lay ahead.


Imagine someone interested in triathlons asking you what they should be prepared for (mind you they are asking you because there is a chance you know and there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO chance I do). Do you know how smackable you would be if you–the great guru–just said, “It’s hard?”


Well…yeah. I figured. Tell me miles. Tell me water. Tell me about footwear.


Hey mama and papa. Parenting is hard.

  • It is sacrificial in ways you can’t imagine–it is tabling plans and projects, dreams and desires, indefinitely. And sometimes instantly, as you have to react to whatever life, or child, is throwing at you (or their sibling). But you will have enough. 
  • It is foregoing things for financial reasons, practical reasons, logistical reasons…personal reasons. Sometimes “No” must be said to fun because a baby is tired and sometimes because you are. But you will be fulfilled.
  • It is a tired that can be seen on your face some days and goes unseen in your soul on others. But you will find rest. 
  • It is a reorienting of every priority, inclination, and calculation. What about the family? Yes, but what about the kids? Me is now WE. But you are seen, loved, and hold His gaze and the very same way.


It’s all hard. Unique opportunities for spiritual growth usually are. Embrace them anyway.

Friend, you don’t have time to go to a Bible study? That’s okay. He homeschools. Don’t have time for fellowship? That’s okay. He will gladly meet you where you are and spend time with just you.  The house is a wreck? That’s okay. His best work has been done with spit, dirt, and nothing to eat. He’ll live. (That’s funny because He is eternal.)


Invite Him over anyway. Invite Him in anyway. I promise He has seen worse. And never loved less.


Parenting is not a season of dormancy that must be endured until there’s enough light to grow again.


It’s actually fertilizer (that’s layered–interpret how you will.) Now sometimes, it may have a look and smell altogether less desirable.


But make no mistake, if done well it doesn’t just stimulate growth, it multiplies branches. It sends roots diving into the earth to find, use, and cling to all the good stuff. It bears fruit. Different, bigger, better, sweeter fruit.


And don’t just wait on the ripe ready for harvest to rejoice. Delight in the tiniest of buds for what they will one day be. Celebrate new growth along the way instead of waiting for full maturity or bloom to applaud. HE IS WORKING EVERY DAY.

Invite Him into the little and lonely, the laundry and loud. Invite Him into the frustrated and fun. He made all of it. And it is good.


Bah-da bah-da-da-da. Bah-da bah-da-da-da.


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