Independance Day

I would be worried if ours was not the God Who Saves.


We are not the first nation in need of rescue.

We are not the first people in need of redemption.

We are certainly not the first civilization brought to the brink by our lack of repentance.


We, however, might be the first nation to have as many resources as possible, as many freedoms or opportunities to participate in our welfare, and access to information—that rejects every blessing Biblical humility and wisdom would provide.


We mock God’s life-giving Word while favoring and begging for the empty words of those who require less of us and offer less to us.

We have mistaken rebellion for independence.

We choose to do nothing to defend the God who has defended our nation from its birth and wonder why we are losing so many battles.


We want mercy for our sin but not forgiveness. We want excuses and acceptance of our sin, so that we may continue without the burden of guilt or shame.

We want only the second chances that require no change.


We think our future is hung upon won wars, election cycles, and votes but we have far more than a victory or vote at our disposal.


We have life and breath on every other day, of every other year to choose to make decisions that are ethical, informed, and Biblically wise.


We have the opportunity 24/7 to put away foolish things, to subdue our appetites for carnal cravings, and to seek deliverance from the things that are destroying us.

We could let Scripture be our standard rather than culture.

We could be vocal and visible, but this time look and sound like Jesus.

We can demand righteousness from those we give authority and allow influence.

We can walk in transparency and invite accountability, thus encouraging others to expect righteousness from us.

But it is a fraught fight indeed, with an easy victory that is actually impeded by our “success” and won only by our surrender.


Nonetheless, we have mercy new in the morning, every morning, to begin to lead in our homes with passion, instead of merely allowing with passivity. Why save it for just one month or wait until November when it could be “Independence Day” today and every day?



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