Know Your Stuff.

***This is a perspective post, not a political post.
This is Kayleigh McEnany’s binder for daily briefings. And, really that should be understood to be this is the culled down, portable version that represents countless volumes of information and hours of preparation… for every single day.
So… being prepared to give an answer for the hope you have as Believers… A: is an imperative in Scripture and B: is entirely doable.
Take a look around you Salty Lady.
Apologetics IS Evangelism today.
The days of loving a Jesus we don’t know and sharing a Gospel we don’t understand being sufficient, are over.
How much more important is the Good News? You don’t have to know all of it, but you should set out to know some of it.
You need tabs. Sin. Grace. The Bible. God is. Jesus is. The Holy Spirit is. In Christ, I am. Creation. Gender. Sex. Holiness. Forgiveness. Race.
Make a list of the things you feel ill-prepared to give an answer for… and start finding the answers. Practice sharing the answers.
Good definitions. Consistent language. Concrete truths. Start small. Commit key verses to memory. This is doable. It’s necessary.