Let Every Heart Prepare HIM Room

Advent is the beginning of a season of anticipation. Expectant waiting for the Savior to be born. Think about all you do ahead of the arrival of someone, anyone… much less a newborn babe.

You tidy, plan, purge… prepare? Before the kids were born and welcomed into our family, I got my house in order. Lol—those days are long gone! But back then, I prioritized tasks, finished projects, tied up loose ends, decluttered… anything and everything that would free my head, heart, and hands up so that I could give all of my attention to my long-awaited loves.

THIS is how you begin Advent.
Before you get crazy with elfs, reading plans, or advent calendars (because yes, sometimes even good things can be a distraction,) ask “What do I need to put aside or put away to *MAKE ROOM* for my King?

This is not Week 1 of more adding and doing. It’s actually Week 1 of less—clearing and casting off.
This is the beginning of making room and preparing—for your King. What needs to be let go, what burdens need to be shed so He has your full attention this Christmas? Set them aside, quickly.

What is the first message of the manger?? HE will occupy as much room as you give Him.

So, your first gift of the Christmas season to your King, is space. Space in your schedule, head, heart, and home. Room to rule. Room to reign.
Let every heart prepare Him room, indeed.

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