Speaking of Houses…

This is not a partisan post. It is factual. It is neutral. It is teachable.  And we should never forsake an opportunity for teachable moments.


Drugs were found at the White House. Cocaine. And after an investigation that recently closed, it is reported that finding out who they belonged to is unlikely.


So, if the most secure, most highly guarded, most monitored, and recorded house in the nation has a breach in security…it’s not impossible ours might as well.


Really think about this. Don’t focus on the feelings or speculations. Let’s just deal in facts. Dangerous drugs were found in room that seemed secure, in a residence that seemed secure.  Either brought in by an outsider or  an insider.

How would you feel if it was your house?


I tell you what…there would be no sleeping until I found out who introduced danger into my home. I would be unrelenting until I found out who put my children at risk, my reputation at risk. And there would be severe consequences. If someone’s actions reflected poorly on my family or my children and caused them to be accused or maligned, I would do everything possible to see my children cleared and restored.


And if they belonged to someone within? Well we would address that too.


I don’t know exactly what I would do or how. But I know I wouldn’t do nothing. And here is the teachable moment.


As Christ-Followers, we can’t overlook sin or dangerous things in our own home. We can’t close the drapes, shut off the cameras, or ignore what’s happening.

We walk in truth. Even in painful, unflattering, and uncomfortable truth.

We walk in clarity. Able to see–wanting and trying to see–pitfalls, threats, and potential ruin ahead.


There are two possibilities. Someone knows something and isn’t saying.  Or no one knows anything. Both are disastrous in a family. Any family. Any house.


I have seen lives ruined by both, the parents that self-preserve and overlook. And the parents that are oblivious and truly don’t know. God has called us to steward our homes and families well. We are in fact, to make disciples there before we head for the trains or plains to far away lands. We cannot fail at home and succeed abroad. Ask Eli and his sons from 1 Samuel.


On the offset, we think Eli is a good priest but a bad father. But being a bad father automatically makes him a bad priest. His downfall? Overlooking sin and dysfunction in his home.  Allowing that sin and dysfunction to shape the temple. Corrupt home. Corrupted church. Corrupted tribe. Corrupted nation. Corrupt home… and so on, and so on. Until someone humbles themselves enough to seek the Lord’s help. Or God declares judgement and wipes your whole family line off the map in one day…as He did in Eli’s family.

Here are a few things to think about in your home.

  1. God knows, even if you don’t. So ask Him. Ask Him to show you what needs to be seen in your home.
  2. See something, say something. When He shows you act on it. Pull the car over, cancel the plans. Make time for encouragement, discipline, and correction.
  3. Have high expectations for your family. In character, relationships, attitudes, etc.
  4. Equip them to meet them. Nothing is more painful than seeing a kid set up to fail and then punished for it by the adults around them. And nothing is more exciting than seeing a kid rise to the occasion and know it.
  5. Embrace accountability. If you are out of habit, start practicing. Give a deadline. Assign a task. Whatever it is…set a high bar, try to meet it and embrace the natural consequences if you don’t.
  6. Embrace transparency. Teaching your kids they have to pretend things are fine before man IS teaching them they have to pretend things are fine before God. What a heartbreaking way to live.
  7. Kick your own fences. Check your security. The Enemy absolutely is. He is always checking for weak spots to infiltrate. You need to spot them first. Look for areas that could spell trouble and repair them before they do.


Friends, we have to fortify our homes. As the world becomes more wicked our homes should become more holy–filled with truth, free in Christ, and humble before Him. Or the house will fall.


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