The Mamas and the Papas

Celebrating dangerous, destructive, behaviors or unholy habits is not loving thy neighbor. Or child.


Nor is it tolerance. There actually already is a perfectly good word for it—it is ENABLING.

Enabling is not loving. It is allowing the destruction and bondage of others to continue, to avoid the hard work of giving boundaries and accountability, or to soothe insecurities or the fear of alienation.

God has given you more of Himself, that you may be able to give more to others. Not in approval or accolades.

Not of yourself.

But more Truth, more True Love, more discipleship, friendship, and HOPE.

Parents—loving your child does not mean celebrating their choices.

We knew this when they were toddlers and forgot this when we wanted to be their friends.

“I love you honey, I don’t love that you chose to put spaghetti in the toaster.”

“I love you honey, I don’t love that you chose to charge $400 on DoorDash because pancakes sounded good.”

“I love you honey, I don’t love that you choose to hang out with friends who treat you poorly.”

“I love you honey, I don’t love that you no longer go to church.”


We used to have the maturity and bandwidth to both love and disagree with someone, even our children.

No mas.

Love = agreement. Love = affirmation.

Is there a line at all and if so, where do you draw it? Is there anything at all that you wouldn’t affirm in the name of love?


I know several people who have affirmed and celebrated all manner of things for their children but drew hard lines over politics and COVID protocols. Explain that to me.

Hey proud mama and papa–your highest calling is not “friend.”

It is not even “parent.”

It is Disciplemaker.

It is Bondservant of the Living God. Humble yourself under His loving rule.

Thank you, God, for giving us an entire month of teachable moments, opportunities to clarify, precious people and personal reasons to walk in Spirit and Truth.

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