What is the Bible?

What is the Bible?

Not a rhetorical question. I’ve been in ministry twenty-plus years, you’d be surprised how Christians answer that question. You’d be more surprised how many don’t answer that question and just shrug.


Is it an instruction manual, a book, daily bread, oil for a lamp, weird stories with wise sayings?

It’s okay to have different answers. It’s not okay to have wrong answers.

Hey Friend, if we have any hope of survival or revival, we need to know what we believe, why we believe it, and how to explain it. How do we expect the next generation to give a hardy defense of what this generation can’t even articulate?


Enter catechism. Catechism is a simple, right answer to a hard question, committed to memory.

There are other great catechisms to use. Or come up with your own. When I write catechism, I think in terms of accuracy, broad inclusivity for adults—big enough ideas to fit other things under, and simplicity for children—big ideas into small words, and rhythm—easy to say, equals easy to remember. 


What is the Bible?   The Bible is God’s holy Word, perfect and true. 


Is the Bible trustworthy?   Yes, the Bible is trustworthy because it was rightly repeated, rightly recorded and it rightly reported past and future events.


Is the Bible like any other books?   No, the Bible contains supernatural revelation, preservation, transcription, and fulfilled prediction.


Who is God?   God is the Creator, Ruler, Giver, Father, Judge of All. 


Who is Jesus?   Jesus is the Promised Messiah, Perfect Sacrifice and Savior, Son of God, Son of Man, and Soon-Returning King.


Who is the Holy Spirit?   The Holy Spirit is our ever-present Comforter, Counselor, Helper, Friend, and Guide.


Who am I?   Apart from Christ, I am an enemy of God—unable to obey or do good, I am a slave to sin—guilty and condemned to death, and I am hopelessly lost—separated from God by sin.


Who am I in Christ?   In Christ, I am a child of God—an adopted heir and ambassador, I am a new creation—saved, forgiven and free, I am rescued, redeemed, and destined for Heaven.


What is obedience?   Obedience is following God’s commands His way, right away, all the way.


What is sin?   Sin is missing the mark of loving God and others perfectly. 


Yay, catechism! See how fun it is to know the right answer?! 

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