Women’s Soccer Star Proves God Doesn’t Exist

Three minutes into the last game of her career, the championship game of the season, Megan Rapinoe tore her Achilles. After which, she declared her injury to be proof that God did not exist. Obviously.


“I’m not a religious person or anything and if there was a God, this is proof that there isn’t. This is f***** up.” —Megan Rapinoe


This is not how it works, Friends. There is a God, the One True God and He exists regardless of our circumstances, belief, or unbelief.


Hey Salty Lady—this is not what faith looks like.


God exists when circumstances are right and fair but not when they are disappointing or painful?? What good would that kind of God be? Who needs a god so small they can only reign in light and laughter, but not in dark or defeat?


What a low view of God. And as you think about…a high view of SELF. This is elevating man way above his rightful place. What a throne of arrogance!


I mean really think about this. God has been faithful every day before, providing lavishly in the face of rejection and scorn and because expectations were not met today…He does not exist? Because man (or woman) has said it is so? Lolololololol.


Nope. Cast your crown down sister, that sheology will save NONE.


In her heart of hearts, Megan Rapinoe was always God and today she proved herself quite powerless and poor at it. She even acknowledged her disappointment in realizing she was just a “normal person.”


So, be mad dear. You were wrong.

But then be glad you were wrong.


It’s actually much better news that way! For several reasons, but this one above all. His light and love shine on us even when we are hurt, defeated, disappointed, bitter, and angry. He does not turn from us and allow bad things to happen in His neglect.


Bad things do happen. But He is fully aware and intends to fully use them for our good and His glory. If we will let Him. Life IS unfair and injurious. What a gift to know that God is sovereign over those moments too! SCOOOOORE!!! He is Lord of the bruising and the blessing, friends. And that is Good News!


What if this injury was not proof that God did not exist, but proof that He does and WILL NOT BE MOCKED? Hey lady, He touches hips and hearts any time and in any way He wants. And with very good reason…His great love for us.


Fellow limper here—can I just tell you that the good news for Megan is that God is capable of redeeming and restoring all, though none deserve it?


And He does amazing and redemptive work with the belligerent and broken.

I am proof of that.

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