Yay, Insufficiency!

Praising God this morning in relief and humility. Writing a book is a lot, writing a book about THE BOOK? Overwhelming. How does one begin to properly convey the depth, glory, and wisdom contained within? Every word of The Word, chosen over all others by the Author and Perfector. Every life and story included are master lessons from the Master Teacher. No matter how much I make of His words, my words do not bring life. It’s enough to give writer’s block if not writer’s stop altogether.


But as I walk through these “Not So Boring Bible Stories,” I am reminded–Moses didn’t come up with the plagues. He wasn’t responsible for orchestrating days and days of suspense, special effects, and plot twists that made a show of every false god, every pagan idol, and every wicked way in Egypt. Moses didn’t collect frogs or kill crops. He faithfully delivered a message… that wasn’t even His own!


Joshua wasn’t a band guy with a penchant for brass.  Trumpets and marching? I promise those were nowhere near the top of his “Winning Military Strategies” list. But victory was won.


And Noah built a boat he didn’t understand, for rain he’d never seen, and a flood he couldn’t imagine.


God is looking for obedience, not brilliance. HE is brilliant enough. God is looking for submission, not strength. HE is strong enough on His own. He is looking for faithfulness from the feeble, not giants or forces of nature. He already controls wind and wave.


God knows your potential and limitations. He called you anyway. Think about this, there is nothing He has wanted to do that He did not do, because of the people available. Friend, He flat gets it done. ALL OF IT. It gets done through the wicked and the wise, through the poor and the blind, the fools and the failures, virgin mothers on mules, and the occasional chatty donkey. It gets done because He is the Finisher. He knew we’d have days of lack, days of no gas and more road. In His kindness He reminds us, “being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6


He who began the good work is not waiting on me to finish it. He is waiting on me to ask Him for help. He is waiting on me to trust His faithfulness, to give Him glory and praise for what HE WILL DO. We do not have to be enough, just recognize that HE IS.


He is worthy of worship, worthy of Praise for who He is and all that He is… that we are not. Earthen vessels, ash, and dust… we are exactly the kind of things, that when used properly for good works, can only serve to give Him credit and bring Him glory. You say you have scars, scrapes, and wounds? Perfect! You’ll do just fine! And imagine the wonder in their eyes when they see you healed. Oh, they’ll know then. Jesus.

Yay, Insufficiency! Yay, inadequacy and lack! Welcome, failures and fools alike! Join our motley crew of meek and misfits that the Lord can be magnified through!

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