You Need to Know This Today


Anyone else feeling like they are lacking a little luster this year? Like some of your glitter has been dulled or worn off in the miles or moves of the past year? Just me?

That’s okay. I don’t mind being the lesson. There are a thousand things that can very efficiently make us feel somehow “less than.” Goals we fell short of, unmet expectations, betrayal, poor treatment, comparison, etc. And not all are a result of a fallen world or malice.

Sometimes it is just life or change. Or age. Sometimes it is the normal and the good that reveals us. You can welcome the freedom transparency and honesty bring or exhaust yourself trying to conceal and cover every crack and crumble of the facade.

“You are enough.” This is the great lie of the enemy. Do you see that? He is trying to rob us of want or need, anything that might require or send us searching for The One Greater than Ourselves.

If no one else has told you, allow me—and do receive this as the salty but loving encouragement it is intended to be.
Reject the notion of Sufficiency of Self.

Flat reject it. Refuse to have it ascribed to you and correct those who casually toss this slander about.

Lean into the truth instead. Boast, even. “I am not enough.”
Wear it as the glorious badge of honor and affection it is.

I might feel sufficient for what my life requires on any given day, but not on any two strung together. Wisdom for the moment? Maybe. Wisdom for the month? Ha!

I am not enough and I can’t sustain any best effort long enough to be best at much. I actually am as underwhelming as some suspect, and as inadequate as I often fear… oh, the myriad and countless ways I fall and fail!

And don’t you dare try to soothe or comfort. There is simply no need. This is not despair. This is the joy that comes from having nothing to prove. This is the joy that comes with grace and having nothing to earn.

I am not enough.
And He sent His Son anyway.
I am not enough.
And He bought me, the lowest possible commodity, at the highest possible price.
I am not enough.
And He gave His life for me.

Oh friend, honesty about our station in life is nothing to fear. It serves a noble purpose as it magnifies Him all the more.

Do your worst, world. I dare you to heap ash and shame, devil. It sullies me none. You cannot diminish what The King has deemed “GOOD.” Or HOLY. Or RIGHTEOUS. Or LOVED.

I am not enough.
And He loves me anyway.
It is both news and gift so good we need no others.

Who’s approval or affection would we possibly need or seek, when we have HIS? And He has declared His love for US in the most extravagant and impossible way—a babe in a manger, born to a virgin, who is Eternal King.

The God of the Impossible does marvelous things with the lowly. What good news for us!!


  1. Mary on December 12, 2023 at 9:10 PM

    I couldn’t live this more! I live the line, don’t you dare try to soothe or comfort. There is simply no need. … Exactly how I feel!

  2. Louann Page on December 18, 2023 at 6:58 PM

    I am never enough, I am a work in progress!! I am thankful that God wakes me up every day and Jesus walks with me everyday and watches over me while I sleep.

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