Ain’t Identity Politics Grand?

My favorite thing is when we assign good intentions, moral authority, and integrity based on gender… alone. Especially, when we’ve been told gender is just an imagined, social construct anyway. We live in a time of actual misandry, contempt and prejudice against men, though you wouldn’t know it with everyone screaming “Misogynist!” at every “peeing while standing person.” Yet another area of corporate gaslighting. We have made men public enemy #1 on the basis of gender alone, by accusing men of prejudice, oppression, and subjugation… WHILE simultaneously elevating women (but not all women.) On the basis of gender alone. 
Now really think about that, and how shallow and shifting those convictions are.
Celebrities are announcing they are raising children without genders and using neutral pronouns. But on election day or when Ketanji Brown Jackson was nominated? Tell your daughters they can be anything, can be great… because Kamala? Because “girl power?” Friend, you do not know the thing you point to or you would not be pointing to it so confidently. You don’t even have to be a woman of worth or character to automatically qualify for esteem and congratulations. You don’t even have to be credible to be trustworthy, thank you very much #believewomen. You just have to be female.
Kamala as the high priestess of female aspiration is peak liberal feminism. Proving, we don’t know our *what* from our *you know what* or who should even have what or why. Kamala has been bestowed unmerited credit– not because of her record (it’s atrocious,) not because of her leadership (it is lacking,) not because of her diplomatic effectiveness (hahaha!) but because she is female. “Hail to the Woman!” said by the party who pretends not to know what a woman is. As it turns out gender is of paramount importance to the party of sexless, genderless, classless ambiguity… when it serves a purpose. On all the other days? Birthing persons, menstruating persons? On swim teams and in every other major arena of life… women aren’t that special either.