I’m a trained Marxist. -BLM

When someone says “We are trained Marxists.” You need to sit up and take notice. Do you know what that means??
Pointing out self-avowed Marxism isn’t to detract from the reality of racism. It’s not a distraction. It’s not a strategy to blame shift or avoid justice.
It IS to sound the alarm, that racism… as awful and offensive as it is… when stoked by and married to Marxism… is exponentially worse.
They know it. And, they are counting on you not knowing it.
Here’s something trained Marxists do, maybe it sounds familiar.
In Cambodia, Pol Pot’s earliest work was through “lifestyle meetings.” In these meetings, the whole personality must be broken to empty the shell where a revolutionary can be cultivated. You do this by eliminating all traces of good or pride. Your history is bad, your nation is bad, your family is bad, your religion is bad. Not only must you be free from all of it, you must be the one to destroy all of it.
These lifestyle meetings focused on criticism of others, criticism of self and public confession to denounce all the wrong that they had been shown… in government, society, wealth, success, norms, religion, others and themselves. For the sin in self, they would grovel, bow, kneel, apologize and commit to greater enmity with all they once valued.
With nothing to value or defend, nothing and no one to be rooted to and now convinced of their superior values and wisdom, they were ready.
These young revolutionaries, now “purified” and committed took to the streets… destroying all traces of historic relics, all evidence of their shameful history. After all were gone, either by mob or by the Khmer Rouge… Pol Pot declared it Year Zero. The old, properly defiled and disgraced, to be shamed and forgotten, a new era to begin.
Then they began liberating urban areas of stability. To drive them to fields, “where equity would grow.”
But, equity did not grow there. They became the “Killing Fields.”
Not just white flight, but flight in general… is the goal. To leave Detroits, Chicagos, Seattles and a Minneapolis in every area where commerce and culture once stood.
“Personal pride is “property” of the bourgeoisie, it is what enables them to throw out their chests and hold their heads high. It is the substance by which colonialists and imperialists are made. We must strike at an individuals most vulnerable points… heritage, family, education… to decondition him, liberating him from his former life. Building him anew, with revolutionary values.” -Pol Pot
“Every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered…History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” — 1984, George Orwell
Antifa, Marxist. BLM, Marxist. The Far Left, Marxist.
They aren’t merely signaling, they are saying… “This is who we are. This is what we will do.”
You should believe them.
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