His Character Trumps Your Coping

Goood Morrrrrning!!! Serving up consistent theology for breakfast. I know, right?! Delish.
It almost takes the sadness of intermittent fasting and having to drink black coffee like a trucker away. Almost. 
Let’s look at good theology. You’re saved right?  You’ve placed your faith in Jesus, turned from sin and are walking in obedience, right?  Eternity in Heaven?  Me too.
Soooo… If I trust Jesus with my eternity, I must also trust Him with today. It must be BOTH. Not either, or.
To think the power that conquered death and sin… that made a way for sinners to be made righteous, so that we may spend eternity with a Holy God… looks at MY CIRCUMSTANCES and trembles… robs the Good News of its great-ness.
He IS the God of Today or— He can’t be trusted as the God of Tomorrows.
Friend. ETERNAL hope should look like DAILY peace. Shouldn’t it? Sufficient to save = sufficient to sanctify. Sufficient in HIS death = sufficient in YOUR life. Sufficient to bear the burdens of ALL MANKIND FOR ALL OF TIME… means He’s probably okay with shouldering your daily struggles. Let Him. Honey, let the God who heals you from sin—help you with stress.
The world is not made better by people who are going to Heaven— losing their minds on earth. Our God is so good, His care is so kind, and His faithfulness is so certain that we should be Rocks of Gibraltar… Greenwich Granite with heads so high, backs so straight, and feet planted so firmly in His Word that wind nor wave can bend our will.
Now, here’s the thing— this is not a post on mental health or depression or concealing trials. God gets no glory in that. This is about realizing you are unnecessarily carrying the burdens of life up and down the mountain WHEN YOU HAVE A GOOD SHERPA.  Get it? I die. 
And, here’s the best part Salty Lady and Lad… No one is telling you to do more or be better. I’m telling you to KNOW MORE and DO LESS. 
Walking in peace has nothing to do with your coping. It has everything to do with HIS CHARACTER. When God is great your troubles are not.
Being tossed about by anxiety, stress, emotions, or circumstances is a good indicator that you need to evaluate what you KNOW about God— and what you BELIEVE about God.
Hope, courage, peace? All found in HIM. HIS nature. HIS character. Friend, if you’re already drowning in the waters, you might as well do a deep dive.
Make a list of the attributes of God. Open the Word. Who does He say He is? What does He say He does? How does He respond to His children? Start with the omnis if you’re drawing a blank. He is ALL KNOWING, He is ALL POWERFUL, He is in ALL PLACES and TIMES…
Then make another list. Because He is_____________ I can be___________
Because He is IN CONTROL… I can be at rest. Because He is FORGIVING… I don’t have to be perfect. Because He is GIVING… I can be satisfied.
And, then preach it to yourself until you believe it. Faith is believing God’s Word is true regardless of experience or emotion. Knowing it is one thing. Believing it changes all things.
Friend. Because He LIVES… You can face tomorrow. AND TODAY.
Thank you, Bill and Gloria Gaither. 
Listen to this (Now— I chose this one from the way back drawer specifically because he teaches what he is singing and sometimes that’s better than a dad hat and skinny jeans. So you listen.) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LB3un06HUSY