There’s a Reason Everyone Loved Top Gun 2

There’s a reason everyone loves Top Gun Maverick… aside from the nostalgia for us “seasoned” folks, aside from the G’s, Mach 10, and dogfight (hellooo football) scene… it will make hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars for this reason:
It was JUST entertainment.
It didn’t make you feel like garbage about your country, your gender, your race, political party, religion, or values.
There were good guys.
There were bad guys.
There was right and wrong.
The hero was humbled, matured even, though not perfect.
Confidence, even arrogance wasn’t shameful… because it was merited.
Someone could be the best or excellent at what they did without apologizing for privilege.
No one was hellbent on upending pretty healthy social norms, hierarchies, or authorities.
Someone was in charge and someone wasn’t… and that’s life.
Elders were respected and revered, homage and honor was given– instead of discarding or dismissing the trailblazers ahead of you.
Children weren’t saving the world while parents were portrayed as helpless morons.
Duty and responsibility were positives, not negatives.
Risk was considered and STILL assumed for the benefit of others.
Jack-wagonry/ muttonheadedness wasn’t glorified.
It wasn’t trying to normalize deviancy.
It wasn’t PG but it wasn’t gratuitous with language, stupidity, or sex.
Shall I go on? It wasn’t Shakespeare. It wasn’t Schindler’s List or Shawshank. It wasn’t even necessarily edifying from a religious perspective. And yet look how refreshing it was! There’s a need for entertainment that doesn’t try to damage or depress the audience.
Arts and entertainment have been degraded into either purposeful propaganda or indulgent idiocy. And it’s making us sick… and frustrated and miserable. There’s a reason the Bible is in narrative form, it’s because common stories, common heroes, common language and shared experience are good for society— which is why the Enemy undermines all of it.
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Pay attention Hollywood. People still go to the movies. When they are not rubbish.