That’s Racist: Public Schools to Fire White Teachers First

Seriously. This is actual racism and not the kind that is embedded or systemic, unintentional or unfelt. This is not the kind that you are guilty of by virtue of existence or skin color. This is not even the kind that wasn’t last year but is this year… because triggers or terms are changing daily, hourly. Nope. This is racism, by definition… prejudice or discrimination, exclusion or maltreatment based on race or ethnicity; the unfair treatment of one race to benefit people of another race.



Minneapolis Public schools confirm “white teachers” will be laid off before any “teachers of color.” According to The Daily Caller, on March 25, the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers and the Minneapolis Public Schools struck a deal to end a 14-day union strike. The deal included a bargaining agreement for various proposals, including one that fires educators based on their race. The race-based firing process is intended to make up for “past discrimination by the District disproportionately [impacting] the hiring of underrepresented teachers in the District, as compared to the relevant labor market and the community.”


Here’s how that works: racism prevented minority teachers from being hired in years past… that claim seems reasonable and probable… so present racism is being used to correct that. A striking teacher’s union demanded this at the bargaining table and because school was about to start, they won.


Brilliant. Except that we are missing context. No one is talking about the actual numbers of minority teachers discriminated against in years past, no one is getting names or comments on the record from actual people that were kept out of education. How hard can that be if it was such a damaging issue (and it very likely was)? But, instead of facts, faces, and numbers, an assumption is being made without even an attempt or demand to verify. We have been conditioned to accept every accusation or assertion of racism as actual racism and don’t dare  question it. Because all disparity is racism. Friends- this is gonna be a problem, though maybe not for you, unless you’re accused of racism and automatically guilty.


Also, why aren’t we talking about who was largely in charge of the education system or community where such racism originally occurred? Could it be because they are likely still in charge. You think this teacher’s union is new?? Nay nay, class. The MFT, whose core is activism, is part of the AFT, whose core is activism… AND HAS BEEN SINCE 1916. These disparities happened on their watch. But are we rethinking their effectiveness in representing teachers? Probably not.


It blows my mind that we stand in solidarity decrying racism with most of the policymakers who instituted and oversaw it in the first place. Biden and Harris? Pssshhh. As the champions of equality, taking on the system and “the man”… never mind they THEY WERE THE SYSTEM AND THEY ARE “THE MAN.” There’s a reason Kamala couldn’t win in California, it’s because she held office in California. Minneapolis has been controlled by democrats since 1978– the schools, the mayor, the city councils… why are we not reevaluating the job that they have done if it allowed racist disparity to flourish? Chicago? 89 years of democratic control. Philadelphia? 68 years.


Good teachers were likely kept out of classrooms because of racism back then. Good teachers are going to be kept out of classrooms because of racism now and by some of the same organizations and people.

The worst part? Children are the ones who continue to lose under liberal, progressive policies. It’s largely minority children, because many who could leave the area have… due to #mostlypeacefulprotests, so you would think that the primary goal for those that remain would be: Quality Education. You would think that the party of the people would care enough about the people to provide quality education– to break cycles of poverty, curb crime, and promote growth at any cost. You would think that the very best teachers would be retained whether black, brown, white, or green. You would think. And you’d be wrong.


Who cares about inconvenient realities when there are optics to be framed and virtues to be signaled? Call it “recruitment and retention” if you want, put it on signs and banners, wrap yourself in it– but if you’re recruitment and retention is based on pigmentation, not qualification… it’s still discrimination. Aren’t words, fun?


“We will continue to fail the minority children we serve, to preserve the lie that only we believe, which is– we care about minority children.” That’s the worst kind of racism ever. Employing bad ideas and practices to solve the problems of prior bad ideas and practices… is never a good idea. Everyone says, “Fight fire with fire,” except firemen. They know. They’ll tell you. That is the strategy of madmen with a goal of destruction.

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