Democrats Support Terrorists…and Other Fun Facts

We can say it out loud. It’s okay. The Democratic party supports terrorism. You bet they do. I’ll stand by this.


Did you forget that we live in an era of sweeping generalities and designations?? Why, Hillary recently reminded us that there are only two groups in America, Democrats and the “MAGA-cult members who need to be de-programmed.”


“The only reason you would not be a Democrat is because you hate immigrants, women, etc,”  eh, Hilly? It couldn’t possibly be that your ideas are bad and your policies worse?


Seems unfair, but okay. As long as we are using that broad brush…Democrats support terrorism…but wait there’s more! It gets worse because they also foster and cultivate the whole diabolical spectrum leading up to terrorism—beginning with critical theory and intersectionality, maturing into out-and-loud Marxism, then social radicalism, political radicalism…armed Antifa, occupiers…bing, bang, boom. Shake it, bake it. And now you have “death to the oppressors…by any means necessary!” Delightful.


Hey gang, my initial statement is not even controversial.


Violence and terror were always at the end of the same road that radical Marxism was on.


We are not getting glimpses of outliers within the democratic party, this is who they are at their core. This is reflected in who they elevate and celebrate, where they spend their money and the causes they champion. THIS IS THE PARTY. Whether taken over by outsiders or homegrown from within, either way—it’s run by radicals.


The Democratic Socialists of America helped organize and promote between 40-50 Pro-Palestinian protests across the nation last week, one day after the largest terrorist attack on Israel in their history, one day after the largest loss of life since the Holocaust.


These were protests where ethnic slurs were hurled, where the innocent were blamed, the victims mocked, and genocide justified. Pro-Palestinian protests around the country, and in others, heard chants of “Intifada,” “Gas the Jews,” etc. How does this compare to the pitchforks and white supremacists of Charlottesville? Condemnation would be a great first-step, but step two should be PURGE THEM FROM YOUR PARTY.


We have six sitting congressmen or women who identify themselves as Democratic Socialists of America. Not one of them is a Republican. If you were wondering.


This week we have seen the DSA and BLM adopt the paraglider (used to drop terrorists into civilian areas and kill Israelis at will) into their media and literature.  What possible reason if not glorification and admiration?


Last week we saw “the worst State Department scandal in our generation,” when Rob Malley, Biden’s envoy to Iran was placed on leave for mishandling classified material, funneling money to Iran, and guiding policy to the benefit of Iran.


We have seen two Democratic presidents unnecessarily give billions to Iran, first in pallets of cash and then in unfrozen assets. And now we know another $75 million went quietly to “Palestinian aid” in Gaza, just days before the attacks.


“But, but…we didn’t give them money! And the money we gave them, I mean didn’t give them, is only for humanitarian resources.” Friends, avoid this pathetic response.


It is naive at best and willfully ignorant at worst to think our weak foreign policy did not contribute to this attack…because it wasn’t explicitly taxpayer dollars.
And because we made them pinky swear not to buy bombing drones if we helped them.

This is wicked. It is enabling harm and refusing to accept responsibility for it.


“I didn’t give the addict money for drugs, I gave them money for rent.”
—They bought drugs because they had extra money after you paid rent.
“Well I can’t be blamed for that.”
—Sure ya can. And ya should.


Frame it however you want, but supporting Iran IS supporting terrorism. Supporting Palestine—who supports Hamas, who are terrorists—IS supporting terrorism. And Democrats do both.


And the institutions of higher education, that NO ONE would ever claim to be overrun by the GOP or conservative values, but are bastions and nests of the liberal left?


Well, what do you know…antisemitism abounds, and they are rife with moral ambiguity. It’s amazing to me that we are applauding the donor class who is objecting to the behavior of the students by withholding funds…NOW. Just now.


Now you object? Not when your alma maters were hiring and tenuring literal terrorists. Not when the course lists changed to include entire degrees in radicalism. What did you think decades of classes taught by the Weather Underground, on gentrification, oppression, and “killing off whiteness” would produce? Students who just wanted steady jobs and stable families??


Dear hedge-funders of the trust-funders, forgive me for saying—but it is RICH that you are now appalled at what your dollars have been funding, teaching, training, and forcing out into the world onto the rest of us for decades.  Forgive us peons from the state schools and JuCo’s for not being in awe of your realization there is a monster—and you created it. How could you be so smart and know so little about your investments?

Harvard student groups supporting Hamas IS NOT SHOCKING. It is SUCCESS. It is the system working.


It is the way tippy-top of education, the goal of every teacher. They have taken the progressive curriculums THEY WERE ALWAYS BEING TAUGHT, and applied, analyzed…and are now creators.  We have Bloom’s Taxonomied the hell out of (or into) college campuses across the country. Radical curriculums, taught by radicals…sure enough, makes radical students. Who knew?! Everyone. Everyone knew.


This was not the failure of good institutions or educations. It was the guided, granted, and guaranteed success of wicked ones. And now we are mad? Disappointed in our investments?? Ha.


Just curious—as long as everything is driven into the oppressor vs. oppressed narrative, how does the oppressed ever break free if not by violent force? Is it ringing a bell yet that all the words and ways the darling degree holders apply to Israel, they also apply to the US?


Colonial conquest? Systemic oppression? Need for resistance by any means? How long do you think that war is fought on foreign soil before it comes home to claim what it feels entitled to on our amber waves of grain?

I think it’s already here. The soldiers are any way. And they are waving Hamas flags at Harvard.


If this is untrue, an unfair association, then purge this wicked wing from your party.


Democrats make absolutely no room for there to be outliers of evil in the GOP, the entirety of the party is racist and wrong. Forget merely throwing the baby out with the bath water…when reproductive healthcare options are available.


Diminish, and dismiss them. Denounce everything they stand for (Ha! I’d like to see that one). If this is not you, give back DSA money and reject their support. If supporting terrorism is not your democratic aim, cut off every pipeline of money going to nations that hate us and others and want their enemies dead. Close our borders. For real, not just with words and wishes…with walls and security. Deport the persons of interests who are here illegally…instead of stocking their pantries and making them feel at home. Expose and expel the radicals.


But until then? This is who they are, and they call themselves Democrats.


Don’t feel too proud my republican and RINO friends. We are looking at you next.



  1. Susan Kennedy on October 19, 2023 at 2:57 AM

    Can you PLEASE run for something???

  2. Sally Salazar on October 19, 2023 at 5:33 AM

    I was thinking the same thing, as I was reading this post!!

  3. Teresa Phillips on October 19, 2023 at 6:02 AM

    Sara, thank you for not only hitting the nail on every single head of the main issues, but also hammering all of the main points home!!! God bless and protect you and your family as you continue to inform, encourage, and inspire us all to new heights of truth, justice and the true American way!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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