Will We See Damascus Disappear?

There will be trials and tribulations. Very real trouble that leaves its mark on people and history, like the current war between Israel and Hamas—or whatever principal this proxy represents. Some will react. Some will respond. Many will mourn and grieve.


We have the luxury of distance and safety right now, so we get to reflect. And if we are very wise—learn. What can we learn from what happened and is happening? How does this apply to our Biblical Worldview?


Here are two thoughts I keep having—1. We are seeing not just history, but perhaps Biblical prophecy unfold before our very eyes. 2. Will it matter much?


Sometimes we can have an ungracious view of the Israelites, or at least I can.


Frustration or disappointment with our ancient, Old Testament friends—those who “lived it,” THOSE WHO SAW—and their ability to stay the course.


How could those in Scripture who saw prophecy fulfilled still disobey? Surely, seeing the things they had been longing for in each generation come to pass—like the creation of the nation, the completion of the temple, and then the destruction—should have sustained their faith.


But it never did. And it never does.

Not for long anyway.


Even those who had heard the promise passed down through generations, saw their ancestors expectantly wait, and then saw the Messiah come, did not all believe.


Friends, many of us were not here 75 years ago to see Israel become a nation, but we may well be alive to see Damascus be no more.


A prophecy against Damascus: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.  Isaiah 17:1


We live in a world where Damascus exists. Scripture tells us that there will be a day it does not.  And it may be sooner rather than later.


What will be our excuse for unbelief or apathy then? When we are “those who saw” another prophecy fulfilled?


I would imagine it would be the same as our excuses for apathy now.


Idolatry. Self-sufficiency. Pride. Fear. Satisfaction…Lack of context or understanding about what exactly it is we are seeing.


My word, we are already seeing the church fall away, the coldness to our first love, false teachers, lawlessness abound, ancient alliances anew…


But even if we don’t see another prophecy fulfilled, are we not yet certain of the Son? Of His death and resurrection? Of the God declared throughout creation?


Of supernatural transformation in our lives? Have you not seen your own heart of wrath and rebellion find rest in submission and surrender? Was that alone not sufficient enough to believe?


Or to stir and stoke belief enough to BOLDLY PROCLAIM?


Are you NEW or NOT?

Does He live or not?


Have we not already seen or encountered the Risen Lord? Have we not already seen God be faithful enough to make His remaining promises seem certain?


You may be a world away from the fight, but friend—YOU ARE IN THE WAR.

As in Israel, so in us—everyone will be eating and drinking, only some will be ready.


Our posture IN THIS DAY should be one of humility and boldness.


On your face.



BE SALT. Speak truth. Live truth.

Fear no man.

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