CO Supreme Court Finds Democrats Are No Longer Pro-Choice

Imagine your own household and in it you each use and follow different definitions and rules. It might be comical at first–funny for one minute but frustrating in thirty. Failing in forty-five and frightening in an hour.


Because where confusion and chaos abound, confidence wanes, and cooperation ceases. In the next phase of How to Turn the Greatest Nation into a Tragic Memory, compassion will be traded for competition… and competition? Aggression.

This is basic stuff, people.


Basic psychology. Basic sociology.


Common law is necessary for safe and successful societies.


Regardless of your skin color, religion, or party affiliation. There is not a people, in all of history, that this maxim doesn’t apply to. And if there was… there wasn’t for very long.


Clarity of the law and consistency under the law prevent confusion and promote peace. Period.


Unlawfully keeping Trump off the ballot while accusing him of election interference does not promote peace.

Defining rioters and protesters differently based purely on their cause, does not promote peace.

Applying the law inequitably does not promote peace.

Failing to prosecute the guilty does not promote peace.

Persecuting those for having the gall to dissent, strangely, does not promote peace.

And my dear, salty citizens—he who does not promote peace, welcomes war.


The unashamedly partisan Supreme Court of Colorado has barred Trump from being on their primary ballot using an antiquated provision of the 14th Amendment—the “disqualification clause” used to keep Confederates from serving in congress. Trump is not an insurrectionist. January 6th was not an insurrection.

Let’s talk about intent.

Remember when Comey’s FBI ruled that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be charged with anything in 2016, even though he had previously said she may well have “compromised national security,” and that it was possible her careless handling of classified documents could have fallen into enemy hands? I do.


In my simple and southern world, if I came home and my son broke a lamp, he could claim it was an accident or careless jackwagonry and be believed. But if he broke a lamp by smashing it with a hammer and bathing it in bleach…he could claim it was a phantom, mighty wind, or one-armed intruder. No mind. The swift hand of God would be descending upon him shortly.

Because demonstrable intent matters.

Trump’s indictments lack it. And everybody knows it. But we prosecute anyway. This effort was passed on by every other state supreme court because they knew it was tenuous at best.


Remember when we spent millions and millions of dollars on the Russia Collusion hoax? Only to find out that Hillary’s campaign was responsible for initiating it? I don’t know much, but man, that sure seems like interfering in an election.

The Russia conspiracy theory lacked merit. And everybody knew it. But we impeached anyway.


As does interfering with free speech and free speech platforms to prevent negative reporting. Or falsely claiming a damning laptop to be Russian disinformation, while knowing that it is not…also right before an election.

Justice for thee, but not for we??


Democrats have weaponized every agency, diminished every liberty, and spared no cost to crush any who oppose their agenda. Parents at schoolboard meetings? Enemies of the state. Parents trying to maintain authority in their home? Enemies of the child. Anyone who dare question the mandates, judicial power grabs, or how Puddin’ Pops Biden got more votes than Obama? Well, we simply cannot have it. Not in the Upside-down States of America.


Only one party is doing this. Only one party is pulling at threads that make societies safe. Distrust breeds disobedience. When you reveal the game is rigged you eliminate the need for others to play by the rules.

When the Democratic party silences opposition, squashes factual reporting, prosecutes political opponents into intimidation, silence, or defeat they are guilty of encouraging the breakdown of government now–and society soon after.

Only one party is robbing voters of their freedom to choose whom to vote for. I did not have “Conservatives now Pro-Choice and Democrats no longer Pro-Choice” on my 2023 bingo card. Did you?


If laws are not applied equally, they will be disregarded universally. Ask any parent or teacher.


Psychologically, the nation is not becoming more passive.

The liberal left has converted who will be converted, while hardening those that oppose them and signaling that it will not relent until met with force.  There is a danger to thinking in terms of only temporal or earthly power.  What do you think happens next?


Folks. If you think January 6th was an “insurrection” motivated by election concerns, what pray tell, do you think the response will be in 2024? I fear it may look more like the “mostly peaceful protests” of 2020’s summer of love.


Welcome to the moral revolution, breakdown in government trust, lawlessness, gaslighting, isolation, and the purposeful of erosion of common bonds brought to you by the letter “D” and the color blue.


I’ve never felt better about being a conservative than I do right now. Not for might, or party, or potential presidents. But for clear conscience.

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